Trying to sell gleam (sell bug?)

ok so there is a shop @ therka market looking to buy blue gleam at 36c per?

the shop has enough coin to buy (1000c) i try to put the ammount in there and it will not let me drag to the sell box (regardlerss on how many times i split the stack)

The reason why i have not listed this in support is because i do not know if it *is * a bug (the plinth shows blue - the price list shows green???)

Here are the screens

(shows asking price per gleam in my inventory)

(Shows buying price)

(shows blue gleam - notice screen above shows green?)

Cannot drag to buy plinth

i did test to see if it was due to the tax thing - but it wont even let me drag 4-5-6-7 etc

There is a bug with the match tint. They might be asking Alturnik blue gleam instead of Munteen blue gleam because it’s overly specific or something

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ahh ok ty - but blue is blue in-game lol (i have noticed the smart-stack same colour but always wondered - now i know :slight_smile: ty

If the person who owns the shop still wants my blue (regardless of planet - blue is blue after all) please Pm me if you want :slight_smile:

Wichall took a step back from the game. They’ll be back sometime later but we have no idea when

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