Trying to warp to a friend but it won’t load


It says he is in the game but hasn’t loaded his location in over 5 minutes so I can’t open a warp


I am having this same issue. please help.


Warping to friends is currently broken and will be fixed in a hotfix shortly.


Ok, thanks


The whole friendlist says loading… with every player’s location, so you can’t even see on what planet they are :frowning:


Any ETA of when we might get a hotfix?


Any ETA on hotfix? This is a gamebreaking bug.

Feels like EA


This “should” have been fixed and updated yesterday, but it looks like the server involved (not a world server) has either not been updated or restarted correctly; the bug itself is fixed locally and have pinged the dev responsible to look when the uk office opens in 2-3 hours


The fix has been deployed.