TTC- The Terra Exchange


I have divided the Exchange in sections. Hunting/travel, gathering/farming, mining metals/gems, mining/digging/lumbering.

So this is how it works.

The items correspond to the activity you (need to) do, to get those items.
This means if you want to buy/sell oort for example. The best activity to get oort is hunting so… You enter the Hunting/travel hallway.

Do you want to buy/sell inky leaves… you enter the gathering/farming hallway.

The front of he hall ways are labeled like this.

Every hallways go like a T junction and extend out to the back (also T up side down). This means every category is separated by the corner or a main road.

Even tough the new area is build to big there is now enough space to expand when needed.

This means materials might also be switched around as new items are added.

Prices will be updated and adjusted accordingly.
Service days are Mondays and Fridays.
There is no stock the exchange can only sell what it buys. And buys what it needs.

When an item is fully stocked in stand and basket it won’t buy that item anymore, until it is sold.

How do you get to the Exchange…

Via Lamblis hubs Portal Seekers, Ultima, Hubbit.
DK’s tree Follow Anterra Central. (Mayams waiting 4 name change)
TNT enter the antar gate. Once on antar head North. Or use the Terra Hub on the other side of the central pillar (central hub) is the portal to the Terra exchange.


Most basic item are already available and can also be bought. There are still some items missing but ill add them over the next 24 hours.


Added to the exchange

Basic crafts, come checkout what we made to save you some time.

Farms are almost there.

In need for some seeds check out what we have.