Tubelon's Update Video




good you pointed out that exchange is not real money feature :sunglasses:


that was one of the main points (also put on steam for that reason) :sunglasses:


So if they add the option for real money are you going to retract the video? Or edit it and update it?


they are gonna do that they say


I already said there is going to be a cash shop in the video

So please watch before saying i did not say something :stuck_out_tongue: (no offence)

i just say and explain that it will never be P2W if they go against that theen yes i will update :wink:

EDIT if you want i can stamp the time that i say it?


yes he does… the time is 07:14


I was not trying to put words in your mouth at all. I was just asking a question if you would adjust things if at some point it changes… Good to see so…


ahh sorry i misunderstood the way you were asking… i did not think youw ere putting words in my mouth :slight_smile: i just assumed you did not watch the video because i sate everything about the recetn debates :slight_smile: sorry also if you feel i cuased offence to you :slight_smile: