Tutorial objectives

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New player here. How far does the current tutorial/objective system go? I can only get as far as “explore the city,” which I can’t seem to complete. I’ve tried resetting a couple times to see if I missed something, but that didn’t help.

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Right now objectives go for the basic stuff, and after completing, then you’ll just get displayed the killing objectives for Wildstock, Spitters, Cuttletrunk, Hoppers and roadrunners.

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Yeah, objectives are still a work in progress. Once you get the basic ones done, you’re free to play as you want. I’ve only got “explore the city” when playing in the test branch though. Interesting.

It seems like you are playing the “PSX Demo”

Try setting to the Live version to play the current version with a proper tutorial.

You want to follow the Opt Out steps.

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