Twisted Dragon Hub Welcomes New Portal Owners!

We have 3 new portals, 2 new guild mates and 1 portal change!

We would like to welcome @SClayton and CuddleBug15 to the guild and their portals.
SClaytons goes to his wonderful little area with a boat, sea turtle and other cool things. Including shop stands.
CuddleBug15’s portal " :cloud: Cloud City :cloud: " a great looking build so far and shop stands!

We have moved our portal at TNT to the Hub Network section of the hub! Find us there! Our old portal goes to our Gyosha Mall Store!

We have added a new portal to Fantasy Tree as well! Along with lava falls for walls!

We have more portal slots open so come on and join the network!


Thanks for welcoming me!
Adding some screenshots of my base - just in case :slight_smile: