🐲 Twisted Dragon Looking for an expert builder with mad skills! 180 Days Gleam Club [Complete]

We are going to be hosting a very large event here shortly and we are looking for someone to help us out! We are looking for an EXPERT builder with MAD SKILLS to build a dragon entry way to the competition area.
We would do it but with gathering coin for prize coin and getting ther prizes together while setting up the region for competition we are maxed out time wise!
We will be starting the even around thanks giving.
We are willing to compensate you with either 180 days Gleam Club or 2 months 9.99 fuel codes for sovereign planet fuel after the build is done.
We have a few ideas in mind but are completely open to yours. The Sovereign is never going to go down and your creation will remain intact always!
If your interested PM me and lets discuss, we will also tell you what the competition is going to be so you get the idea for what we are doing.

Thanks :dragon_face: Twisted Dragon :dragon_face:


Thanks to @AmatoryGuava for taking on this project! He is doing a great job! Will post screenshots when he is done.