[Tynnallivo] --[Metal Tier 5 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


I mean, it’d be neat as a big giant empty canvas. Sorry, big giant deadly empty canvas. Lots of opportunities for road builders!


lol perfect name/title for this planet!
& I like @bucfanpaka 's idea of using it as a “you’ve been banned” planet



This is exactly why I would like it as a permanent planet. No pesky dirt and rocks to clear no trees just a blank planet lol could do some pretty awesome things with it and not just roads.


tomato soup


If anyone found the gleam, I’d be willing to buy 15 pieces for 2400 and a bag of iron Regen bombs, so I don’t have to go there :smiley:


thanks @ ghandymarshall for the tokens, I liked the cave portal :smiley:
I had first tried the gleam portal and was wondering why it said 70 blinksecs, and then I noticed it said Lovanassiope. the cave portal and safe warp portal say Tynnallivo.


Oops. Wrong gleam token lol


Ah butts, I went back here hoping meteorites would still land on the islands. I guess not. :frowning: