Types of equipment

How many equipment types does people want to have in the game? i kinda hope for the standard RPG system although it is kinda big.

2x earings
2x rings

it seems rather overwhelming and not all of them are needed, you could cut down on the trinkets and so, but this is my optimal system so i can customize the look of all of the items.

what do you guys think?

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I would like to see a lesser number of slots of which some are used for Items with a function (used with a hotkey)

Helmet (Armor / may be with function(vision, light, breathing))
Chest (Armor)
Legs (Armor)
Feet (Armor / may be with function (movement or resistance to burning grounds))
Back (Function (resistance, stealth, energy, gliding/flight))
Gloves (Function (picking up, pushing, shielding, climbing))
Rings (Stat bonus or resistance)
Neck (Stat bonus or resistance)

That would be more overseeable and it would gives 4 slots for “useable” items :wink:

I like the 4 “usable” item slots, but I would definitely like to have a large amount of equippable slots, as it would add a lot of variety :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that there should be the option of helmet or hood, but also there should also be a separate circlet slot.

circlet would count as a head item

I just can’t get enough of the circlet+hood combo

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Not saying this is reasonable, but head, face, torso, back, hands, legs, feet. Rings tend to be a thing as well, however I know that most games only let you have two rings, but I know I have ten fingers.

Excluding rings this is 7 different items a character can equip at once.

The head, torso, legs, hands and feet should all contribute to defense/health. Face I see as cosmetic. Back may have a function since jetpacks/wings may exist, but can also be cosmetic like a cape or a backpack.

D&D opened it up it it’s very first rule set over 30 years ago ^^ … So rings have a powerful magical power. If you wear two of them to close to each other the effects interfere with each other and bad things may happen … and later somebody said: You only can wear them at the fingers :wink:

Leg Armor (Pants?!)
Gloves/boots (as one item?)
trinket slot (for various magic boosts or other things. I’m not very concerned as to what goes in here)

Nothing on the feet! Or cosmetic only! I wanna go barefoot without losing out on a bonus/armor stat!
Tiptoe through the colored grass I colored myself!

Hobbitses. (and/or a foot fetish. Ew. :persevere: )

May be they especialy implement a “don’t display button” for the shoes (normaly known for helmets or capes in other MMOs) just for you! ;D

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Close, I grew up in the seventies…

on this topic do you particularly care about your character’s like 10 pixel sized feet? maybe you could just get skin toned shoes that look like feet?

with normal fullview it will be about 80-100px on my screen … at least! ^^

Oh but to actually feel that Oortian terra firma! Spring time and warm enough to walk in the park barefoot! I need the grounding! Just a lil too “spacey.”
Oh look, shiny!
What were we talking about?