ULT Planet Host

We Of ULT are looking for Planet Hosts for our Hubs looking for more active areas the planets in Quistion are

Planets in Quistion

  • Storis ii :white_check_mark:
  • Lamblis
  • Lasaina
  • Delta cancret
  • trung :white_check_mark:
  • Imoco :white_check_mark:

There are more planets in looking into but gonna start small

If you host a hub you can build it to your city theme but we just need plots to the ULT portal & Player Portals or I can build it as another option but if you wanna Fuel the portal and keep the plots were ok with that also

(I’m bad at presentation & explanation :laughing:)

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I’m on Storis, you are welcome to come and have a look at Gigg and see if it would be suitable for what you guys want

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I’m ok with putting it there but it has to be separated from the other hubs we try not to be in there space

I have an area I’m in the process of changing, that might work well with how Ultima portals tend to be. I’ll message you

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@babycookie got your message regarding trung.
have no problem fuelling a connection to my current hub (can easily add few more blank portals), or can build a dedicated little hub somewhere pretty, with separate beacon (yours or mine) :man_shrugging: open to suggestions :+1:


Whatever works for you well be happy with
All we really Cate about is having the Ultima Symbol some were next to the portal or on the build but everything else anything goes

I’ve set up a portal with sign and a request basket for token at my hub. will be back in an hour or two so let me if that is good enough :+1:


I placed a token in the basket it’s perfect

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invisible cookies…spooky