UltaMech 2.0


Work in progress.
Awhile back I built a mech on Trung. I then destroyed it with plans on moving it.

And finally have started to new and improved UltaMech 2.0.


wow thats RAD!
well done.


Thank you. :+1::beers:
Still have a bit more to do.


pew pew pew!

great work :clap:


That is aaawesome! Nice details and looks to be well-sized for its surroundings.


Come check it out in person at the Tower of Power in Alder. Portal at hubbit, Reapers Respite, Reapers Store on Tana VII, the regen consortium and a few others.


That is just awesome!! :slight_smile:


Thats awesome! Nice work!


Very nice and detailed! Thank you for your work! :trophy: pew pew!!! :slight_smile:


Awesome! I remember stumbling on to your original before you tore it down to move it. Looking better than ever!


Thanks @HABABAS @Fiffer13 @bucfanpaka @uni3k
Hopefully will finish it up today or tomorrow depending on the materials I have left. Pew pew pew. Lol.


Yoooo! This is amazing! :fist:


Absolutely EPIC! I wanna take it on a High Tier Exoworld Hunt! Can I please? Pwetty Pwease!?! I’ll give it back. I Pwomise! :joy:


Pew pew pew (a sentence I promise)


Lol. I wish. The Exo planets would be a breeze in this beast.

@Ovis thank you sir.

@MrNiX Pew pew pew. Is totally a sentence. Lol.


Could you do a whole mech graveyard? Like a remnant of some ancient battle? This looks amazing.


That would be cool. I don’t have the plots for that though. I think I have like 1030 plots and maybe 5 free. Lol. Was possibly going to make a Reseach and development area at my base with a huge hanger with another mech being built inside. But that won’t be for awhile.


Guess I’ll have to wait for the future. Or donate a lot of teaching pies haha.


Lol. I have lots of pies. Thanks though. I gain 1 or 2 levels a day. Might have plots on my alts. It would be cool to make it look like an ancient battle that was now grown over.


With some powered down and greyed out, and some that still have power coursing through their veins. Some parts sticking vertically from the ground up. It would be a fun place for a scavenger hunt too. Especially getting into the cockpit of some of those things.