UltaMech 2.0


Yeah. I’m still working on the cockpit of this one. I think I’m going to make it my centraforge.


@LunchLadyArms your name cracks me up. Lol. Thank you for that.


:smile: Nice thats what i hope to achieve lol. Awesome machine too youve got there


Ay I will pay you to build me a few of these :slight_smile:

… In skulls


Pretty much done.


Absolutely Fantastic Work!!!


Thank you sir.


If you could win at Boundless, you’ve just won…awesome work.

The only thing missing, for me, is the trail of destruction through the forest, with foot imprints in the ground, leading up to lakeside.
And then another even larger mech (or giant godzilla type monster) on the other side of the lake, with missles, energy beams flying…
So you say you are done but…
We will give you a couple of days of rest though, to bask in the glory of your creation :wink:


Mech warrior fan?


Winning! Hahaha. Well. Nothing is ever really done. I’m sure I’ll be adding more once I gain a few levels. I’ve only got 2 plots left.

@DKPuncherello yes.


That’s awesome love seeing things like this.

I love how these 2 ss kinda lined up. Maybe an up grade at some point or a new one??


Ah. A couple sweet grapple cannons. Lol.
This just gave me an idea for the game.

Forged grapples with a new special skill.
Grapple tazer. Does electric damage over time and slows enemies. :thinking: that would be cool. @james


Lol I was thinking more like a digger as opposed to grapples. Sea level to mantle 4 plots around in 15 seconds hahahaha


Lol. Look out Exo planets I’m going to mine you clean in 5 minutes.


Haha, now that would be epic… massive laser cannon mining FTW. :joy:


Did you build one of these under @C0ND1T10NR3D base?


That’s classified. Bahahaha. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


George, we might have to have a chat. Someone’s leaking Intel and it’s not me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry. I couldn’t help but show off my shiny new toy. Lol.