Ultima Network New Hub opening

Hello everyone !

Ultima Network is rebuilding its main hub on Eresho! :smiley:

Grand opening will be next week.

Here are some of the screenies for you all :smiley:
Great work done by @cassidy @powerman @BabyCookie @Xaldafax @Apt @JDGroat
(thank you all - great work !)

And shop area for all of you. 2x2 and 5x5

Hope you will all like it :smiley:

Managers of this area will be @cassidy and @Huntsman, so any business things please ask them :wink: on forum or our discord.



Ultima reopening

crab rave


May i ask why new hub? And what happens To old one

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Because the old hub got to gloomy and sad :laughing:


Old one will be still intact. Kralith will be rebuilding it in near future to some other use. New oner will be connected to old one. And people decided it needs new look, to be more compact and fresh so :smiley:


:clap: looks fab

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OMG I gotta redo that bottom layer road just looks to plain ughhhh

Yo can I get a 2x2 for my mining shop?

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Very cool! That centre column looks like @Apts contribution. Nice work all round!!

Will we be able to get a portal next week, also? or can we set one up sooner?

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Awesome. But another mall?? Ughhhh

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@Turrican2006 @NickkThatsGood we have special portals on the corners for your networks and TnT I changed portal shape see if possible if not figure something out I hope @kasaisaru idk who in charge :laughing:

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@SilverSunn u can get a token no problem , can also open it if u wish tho the hub itself is still un active till next week :slight_smile:

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Looks great!

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@Dhusk contact me or huntsman in game we will unplot shop area for ya :slight_smile:


Wow looks fab. Nicely done :blush:
Look forward to seeing it when it opens.

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Hi great looking :+1::+1::+1: the new Hub , Just came Home from Work 3 am here now and going to bed but will Check Out this evening perhaps you let me now how to get easy to the Hub.
Thx @BabyCookie for thinking @NickkThatsGood and me @Turrican2006 .

WE ll Take for Sure a Portal and i ll meet you later this evening for sizes of Portals.

I am of for now :zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz:

Thanks @cassidy! Dhuskhaven Mining Operation will be up and ready for the grand opening next week!

So… Does these market spots have some kinda prize? As i remember you charged quite hefty amount of coins For a spot In the old hub.


well if u ment price then free ofc , if u did ment prize then can ask @Huntsman to give ya a kiss :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe yeye… Mock the 2nd language writer… Shame on you.