Ultima Network New Hub opening

hey u doing better then me here ^^

im sure they can fix that one with a tad work haha

If anyone needs a space in ULT for a shop I can place a reserved for on the spot that you want

or I can grab the space from cassidy or huntsman for you if your not around at there time of day I’m on most of the day

If anyone needs a portal or sign change I can set you up with one below boop

PS @cassidy @Huntsman you should write down your times so everyone knows when your available boop (an idea)

I would not mind a spot something relatively small like a 2x2 if available. Thanks!

@BabyCookie i ll will be around in about 12 hours 2022-07-20T18:00:00Z are you available that time to get a token ?

I’m on 5:30 AM - 11:30 PM PST All week sometimes try and Sleep to 9:00 AM mostly Toss & Turn Boop xD

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@BabyCookie can I get a spot ?

I reserve it for you and if your on at different time than Cassidy or Huntsman I’ll grab it for you then give it to you when your on if you want

I can meet you there now if your online

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Well if it’s a Huntsman spot he’s online now but if not well put a reserve

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Hey @BabyCookie where you able to gain the plots for me for the new shop? I might be around later- but my chances of getting on at the same time as @cassidy are slim due to timezone in AUS.

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Yesh I have both your plot @kemyobra and @Munkeylord plot that you 2 have chosen Cassidy is sleeping right now boop


Nice, give me about. 30 hours. At work again lol

@BabyCookie @Huntsman someone around for a token for Pharaos Network? I am available for 20 Minutes

Just got up almost :smiley:

Got token from @BabyCookie

no those are all free to take :slight_smile:

The hub looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it get built up with the shops

Gotta chime in here as well, and say that the hub does really look absolutely amazing. One of the best looking builds i’ve seen, and definitely the best looking hub in Boundless already, and the shops that are shooting up are really high quiality builds as well.

Super impressed and very excited to be a part of the project (brings back Finata Ultima memories for me personally) :slight_smile:


I am in the process of checking the new hub out and I am loving it. I was wondering if anyone would happen to be logged in and able to let me grab a shop plot? @cassidy @Huntsman

Again, great work on the hub! Can’t wait to be apart of it