Ultima Network News - Update!


Hello fellow adventurers!

We proudly present you our updated Ultima Network Map!

For your convenience so you can check it out here :smiley: How to get from planet A to planet B!

Soon we will post an update with all specific planetary hub locations :slight_smile:

Credits and big thanks to @ShoreThing for design :slight_smile: Cheers mate^^

Hello fellow citizens!

As you may have noticed our belowed Snowmen said goodbye and left us :frowning: but heey someone knew came along to fill his place ! Check this out our new guest !!! Mr Carrot


Hmm Rabbit stew…


The Snowman looked a little angry there towards the end… I think he had kinda checked out.


LOL I just remarked to my son that the snowman was gone and asked him what did he think was in it’s place. Going with holiday’s, he was thinking something for Valentines day, not Easter.
I think Mr Hippity hop is cute, but can someone make something that represents Valentine day also, please.


So cute and well done! :smile:


Just add heart on his head or wherever and you are ready for Valentines.


You would be too, if you had kidney stones! (Pretty sure that’s what the sign said–haha)

Let’s hope Mr Carrot doesn’t follow the same fate!


Yep, he was angry because it was to warm for him :stuck_out_tongue: (wasnt me who added the angry eyebrows… or maybe it was me, who knows :rofl: )


updated map for our Ultima Network at the top


Beautiful design