Ultima, New Hub Area

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Ulitma, is this your new hub area?
Looks nice.
When are you going to open up?

I also see a new ultima market.
Are you going to charge 1million coins for this markets plots as you did with the last market area you currently have?
I want to make sure I get a spot.

Go check it out Everybody

@Hashmalash Maybe could answer To this

I ran across this a while back…

Think that’s either @cassidy or @Huntsman bitbit looks like powerman built it so I’m guessing it was Cassidy blah lol

1 mil per store what the heck that is psycho

yeap, that was the charging price
I was inhaling bonding agent fumes when I paid for those plots that now are just ashed away in memory.

Let me clarify how much I paid for the plots I got.
I paid 900,000cc.

I saved 100,000cc cus I used a friend referral

Sadly powerman quit and reclaimed his hub, so not sure it’s his work

Just went through eresho before. The place was sad.

So many closed portals at the main hub and in the market.

So so glad I didn’t pay anything or get a shop

TNT going to have a monopoly soon

Hear that tnt make a giant monopoly board by your main hub

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He does that alot reclaim and start over I mean dough but he didn’t quit he’s in ma city now building a structure for me now


I made Rainbow Dash but I plotted a little walk away from hub so it was free boop


Ohhhh don’t forget that center piece looks like a JDGroat build :crazy_face:


Ah, that’s good to hear. I had heard that he quit from a few people on arie. Did wonder why his shops were still on arie. Good news all round

Hi, i think thats Cassidy work :smiley: He was eager to do something big :smiley: so i think thats it ;D I may be mistaken ^^

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We built it for Cassidy few months ago. It’s just been sitting there though.


Well if you need any help on the area or someone to help run it I’ll gladly help out.

You would need to ask Cassidy that.