Umbris Memes


So I was a tad bored and made some memes

327cn6 327cbt Enjoy!!


the first umbris exoplanet after <12 hours:





Well at least there’s still cookies lol


Not a meme but a super cheesy joke. Whats the difference between Umbris and Blink?

You can blink while mining Umbris but you can’t Umbris while mining Blink. Ha ha. Thanks for not insulting :joy::joy::joy:.


The devs when we ask about an Umbris exo



I’ve never don’t this before, hope I get it right:


Players: We would like an Umbris Exo.




Edit: I can imagine when we do get one, it is going to be somewhat like one of those Black Friday scenes where all the shoppers trample each other and the clerks and strip the shelves bare in minutes… :wink:




Planet umbris appears… four hours later… an Apple core is all that’s left! I’m currently mass forging my hammers to make it so!!


A selfish wish, but my ideal time would be late night US/morning EU on a weekend at a time when I have insomnia and many other players are off. :smiley: No offense, love you all, but I do want to jump the line here a little if I can, haha. Something like that happens, I could easily see myself doing a VERY long session. Even if I didn’t have insomnia, probably just force myself to stay up…

My luck though, it will hit when I go away on vacation. :rofl:


I love these memes more then I should.


I’m worried about the vacation part too. I’ll be out of town for 5 days and imagine that’s when it’ll drop :sob:


Them minter power coils …