Unable to exit interacting menu

Anyone encountered this issue that when trying to stop interaction with an object like a machine the menu pops back a fraction of a second after pressing Esc or E button. I can be stuck like this for a few tries before I manage to disengage. Sometime I need to hit E or Esc good twenty times before I’m free to walk away from a machine.

Also happens with inventory.

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That’s when you’re experiencing slow connection. Happens to me too.

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Didn’t connect these two because it happens even when I don’t have the slow connection message. Although that message shows when ping gets really high so yeah it might be due to high enough values of ping like 100+ but below the warning criteria.

Yeah, I’ve had this, getting caught on a machine, I just put it down to rubberbanding.

It more obvious when breaking blocks - I break the block then the block reappears, disappears, reappears before finally disappearing. One block did it around 40 times the other day and my screen was filled with the smokey animation. It’s very occasional and I just put it down to extreme rubber-banding since the high ping message has flashed up for a millisecond.


Yeah the thing with blocks are obviously down to connection. The menu thing can happen when there are no other obvious signs of rubberbanding. I’m not 100% sure it can be explained by connection issues only. It looks to me like it’s obviously affected by rubberbanding and such but still existing on its own anyway. I might be wrong of course.