Unable to load game, cant go full screen

Recently I have been unable to load the game past the Wonderstruck logo, and it wont go to the full screen, anyone having this issue in recent days?

Are you playing the normal build or the DX11 beta?

Can you share your game log?


That is the Game Log, I am running hte normal build. I checked, I also uninstalled and reinstalled using steam. I haven’t tried doing not steam.

Don’t have permission to read the file.

Sorry about that, Here, please try again…


The game is selecting a fallback graphics driver.

  1. Make sure you have the very latest graphics drivers installed. (Get them from the hardware manufacture is best.)

  2. Also, give the DX11 beta a try. You can access this via Steam’s properties menu on Oort Online: Properties -> Betas -> DX11.

I updated my graphics drivers and made the switch to DX11. Everything seems to running much better.

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