Unbreakable block options for beaconed plots

I hate breaking the blocks in my builds or friends builds when running around with a wonky trigger or accidentally hitting the trigger button when I have a tool in my hand.

Could we have a beacon option to switch our beaconed blocks between breakable and unbreakable blocks?. It would be a huge QOL for me for sure.


Oh god please add this


Seems like it should be easy enough to turn Build Mode: OFF once a build is finalized.

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I want this that I could use my weapons without worry to lose owned area I have plotted :smiley:

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I remember running around Boori shooting fists at Cuttletrunks, Spitters and Hoppers. We all had build permissions on the roads, so we’d end up blasting potholes everywhere.


this has been requested for years

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I thought it had been suggested before, but I couldn’t find anything when I searched. I hate creating a new thread for something that’s been suggested before. I know there’s some that hate necro posts but seems so unproductive, makes for sooo much clutter and a waste of time to have multiple threads on the same topic.

But either way glad to know other players would like this as well.

Easier option would be, to just take the bloody wonky trigger feature out. It’s one of those things I definitely would not miss in this game.

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the issue isnt the wonky trigger defect thats intended, its that when you exit inventory some times the game acts like you are holding down the mousebutton/trigger and starts smashing stuff unless you click to tell the server your not holding down the button.


I kind of think that adds some “realism” to the battles in a way! Then the repair and clean up after such a battle makes sense.

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I also like this idea

Me wants this to the amount of times I unintentionally destroy something is wredicules.