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Well while playing i found a graveyard biome and i would think some skeleton npcs or undead oortians would fit to it.
What do you think about it?


I think the hunter would fit well in this biome Creature Devlog Special: 6. Hunter


Yeah it would fit for sure :slight_smile:

this sounds awesome do you have a screenshot of it?

Of the biome or the undead @Inkgerm

the biome lol i should have specified

You will get One as soon as i Play again which will be tomorrow night :slight_smile: @Inkgerm


What world is that? love it and the floating mountains in the back!

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Munteen VII (I think) … EU ring world


Munteen VII.

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we have some mountains like that in our world as well, but they are pretty much on the complete opposite side that we’re on

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I have digging in some graves, many of them contain growth and blue gleam :slight_smile:


whaaaat thats insane i know where im taking a warp to tonight lol do you have rough coords

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Yes! :smile:
Here’s some wip to sell the point… if it needs any!


That looks awesome! The color of the head doesn’t really fit with the rest of the body… Maybe making it darker would help ^^

Oh it’s totally wip btw - I just thought I’d post a screenshot of my scene currently in Maya that fits the thread cause it looked ghoulish and pretty cool. :smiling_imp:

(That was our placeholder stuff that @claudiotolomei helped light to get inspiration for the animation side of things before the concepts were finalised). We need to do some work to all the creatures actually to get them aligned with the new concepts - so far Wildstock tier 5 is the one with all that pipeline tech in place for elemental/exotic versions.