Under Tie Squadron Attack!

Hello gentlemen, All in the title : They are destroying our city…

even the building is exploding

One is going inside to visite and make an exit :slight_smile:

the empire strike back …

to destroy…

please be welcome to Visit FR-Clan On sochaltin :wink:


ooh wow! that’s genius only if there was animation right!
well done and good job i love it!


No friggin way?!!! Hahahaha that is AWESOME!!! I gotta show my son that! Oh wow!!!

Excellent work!!!


You should have built on arie. We have quite a large SW theme going thanks to darthpain

I am a fan!

Now a build off against @georgegroeg Megs :smiley:

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I definitely love this post. I’ll be there to see the battle :crazy_face:

Thank Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here are some other pictures of our realisations

Ties are under the eye of their master

And not coming alone

But … fortunately the resistance came to help

Thank you for your support


Is that Lemongrab in the last pic?


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Well i said my brother C3PO was hard to recognise … we will rework on it :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t change a thing! You’ve done a great job on all of this. It’s hard to get details that small. Of course I knew who it was and I think he looks great; I was just goofing around. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Lemongrab always reminded me of C3PO for some strange reason… :sweat_smile:)

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Wanted to show my little man this place but couldn’t find a portal to it directly. Found the farm portals and a bunch others, but not the one for FR Clan?

Went through TNT mega hub sochaltin.

By chance, do you have the coordinates to this build, or where I can find your portal?


You have a portal on our hub 2nd floor on Angels Hub via TNT Hub (Hub section) they have one on FCF Sin city hub too or ICON Eu Central Hub on Lamblis :+1:Have a good visit!

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