Unique blocks for players

Yes, I know. Unique thing like emblems are requests lot of space on servers. It expensive.
But that if you will make this possibility by some remuneration? Players will pay cash (like donations in other games) and will gets permission to create they own unique decoration block? Cost of this service must include cost of server’s space for storing model of this block (large amount of details => large cost), plus cost of server’s loading (saving data about arrangement this blocks in world), and of course plus payment for developers, who create system of making unique blocks.

This simple (as I think) system can realize dreams of guildleaders about coats of arms above gate in castle, or dreams of all players about turned over stairs and ramps. If you will add to this system a exchange of models, players will can create and sale statues and lot of another things.

That are you think about it, dear Oort creators? @ben, @james?


Sounds like a good thing, even if it doesn’t have to be to complicated. I think just the ability to add a texture for a modell allready ingame should go fine if you previously give exact attributes for the format of the texture. On this way you may add emplems or logos for blocks, carpets or banners (last two which may be ingame allready before, just with some basic textures).

I like the idea :wink:

I agree with both of you.
This could be a really cool idea, even if its just a reward for $1000 or $5000 backers. (which I cannot afford :stuck_out_tongue:)
I think we wouldnt want to get too wild with it, i mean limit it to a specific number of people, but its very cool.

Well, may be it is possible by a shop later after release. For example: I would love to pay 3$ to 5$ for the ability to add a banner, block and carpet of my own logo ingame (may be it’s a bundle ^^)

As long as it’s only an decoration Block I’m okay with that

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Yepp, only decorative items should be in the shop. Everything else would ruin the game.


First of all I want resurrect idea about block construction and emblems.
Yes, flat textures is good for emblems, but I foresee, what leaders of huge guilds can desires more. Kit for hand-making 3D model of heraldic shield will satisfy they.

How I see it:
You buy matrix-6 for building block from 216 (6x6x6) subblocks.
You sacrifice some blocks (one per type: stone, ground, foliage, iron etc).
Now you can fill cells of matrix by subblock from types, that you sacrificed: stone for backwall, metal for shield-form, appliques from colourful materials.
Matrix deleted. Block with your filling is done, you can place it anywhere.

How about copies? If you is a creator, you can now craft copies of this block from initial materials, what you used for master-copy. And you can allow or disallow to do copies for another players.

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I want it now! I’ll make an Stature of myself and implement that in the Game to build myself to tribute the God Opulus. ALL HAIL OPULUS! :smiley:

good but remember all the worlds are connected so lets say you had this decoration block in your inv and you were building a new place for your guild but you need a certain colour of wood so you go to this other world with the block.

it basically is you moving the block from one place to another, so instead of it being on the server you paid for it is now taking up another servers space…

It can be forbided by developers, as a variant.