“Unique items” mined?

There is a feat called Resource Catalogue (I-V) under Miner Feats. It counts the number of “unique items” you have mined.

Does anyone know what it means by “unique items”? I’ve gotten up to 275 unique items but I’ve been stuck at 275 now for several weeks.

As far as I can tell, different colors do NOT make an item unique, so mining soft coal in 10 different colors of rock is still just 1 unique item.

Does breaking furniture count? Are there even 500 unique items to be mined in game?

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Got me but I have 500/500

I’ve done a lot of exo and galan mining though

Hmm ok well that’s reassuring to know there is definitely at least 500 things to mine.

Maybe try harvesting seams see if that counts (like collect some gem seam blocks with the gathering feat instead of smashing them)

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I know I got this one before seam gathering came out, and while that may help, it probably extends to surface materials or basically any natural block.

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Oh that’s a good idea, I haven’t done that pretty much at all! I’ll try it in the morning

So unfortunately gathering with the gather epic enabled didn’t make any difference. I gathered several things I’ve never tried before with this epic on, including all types of coal, metal ores, and two types of gems.

I’m wondering if maybe I have to “mine” furniture? I haven’t used furniture very much so I haven’t placed some and then picked it back up.

Colors also don’t seem to make a difference.

I’m just going to keep going to exos and mining on different planets I guess, not sure what else to do.

If anyone has more ideas I’d love to hear them!

I dunno does it count Also marble etc blocks that you place?
It says items… So it could be just any Block… Machine… Coil… You name it

I know I unlocked it when gleam bow hunting.


Hm interesting…maybe I need to get some gleambow augments and start hunting on my own

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I placed blocks on one character then while building with another character I noticed I was getting progress towards it while breaking different color rocks and gleam.

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Interesting…It’s about time I tried adding an alt anyway so I’ll give it a whirl and see what happens.

Lots of helpful ideas thanks everyone!

Okay so gleambow seems to be making HUGE progress. I went from 275 to 323 after doing 4-5 gleambow meteors. Woohoo!


Maybe unique items are related to world events? Like the gleambows and maybe some things around holidays?