United Art Competition

My fellow Penmasters and those who aspire to become such, I figure we have a talented group of artists within the Oort community and to help people visualize this game as it comes along, I desire your participation in a few themed contests. The idea is that I’ll send a message to participators with a theme each week (that I’m available) and you guys will send me your art, followed by me creating a poll and I’ll list who did what.

Let me know below if this is something you guys want to try.


Sounds interesting - I’d join. Though I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate every week. Nevertheless it it’s a good opportunity to keep things going :smiley:

I’m up for a challenge. I hope paper drawings are fine, since I should be getting a tablet in around 5 weeks. :smile:

Sounds like fun! I’m game :slight_smile:


Great idea, I’m preparing my awe-kit. :slight_smile:

Good luck to all!

I won’t be participating :stuck_out_tongue: -spectates-

I do want to help make and suggest some themes for the contests If you’d like @Hiyosup .


My art skills are non-existent! Good look to all who enter :slight_smile:

I wanna try my best to improve. Count me in!

It might actually be a good idea to set a certain theme for all participants to look onto. It might be something specific (like, “creatures of Oortiverse”), or something vague (for example, evening landscape). Just to make sure everyone’s up for a similar task :slight_smile:

You know what? I’d love to participate! Count me in!

I’m not sure about my time for this, but i would love to participate :slight_smile:

@Bokke, @CaptJack92a, @Cyanizite, @WinterHyena, @Leyoki, @1nquizitor.

The theme this week is: The Other Side of the Portal.

Try to be done by monday, I’ll post the poll tuesday.

If anyone else I didn’t mention here wants to participate, feel free to jump in.


I was kind of hoping for the full week and most of this was just before/on the weekend. I’ll go the next one if I can’t find time to finish my sketch.

Ah ya, more time is better for some stuff, the idea though is to get a flow going so we can run a poll for a week while any artists work on the next submission. The first poll then ends right as the next one begins and people get to see cool stuff every week. That said today is submission day for anyone who has had time the last week, if you have anything for me please send me a message and it will appear tomorrow in the poll.

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Perhaps two weeks to allow us more time to add in details and additions/scales we are wanting to accomplish? I don’t know what other people’s daily schedules look like, but I have very little free time between my career job, on top of my part time job, volunteer job[s], and freelancing jobs. No doubt those still in school might appreciate the extra time to keep homework pileups at bay as well.

PS. Plus if you’re anything like me, it’s a process of sketch, resketch, bring into photoshop, mark up, remark, block, then detail and render.

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Well no one submitted anything to me so yes feel free to extend another week, new deadline for submittal: Tuesday.

I hope someone remembered to draw something. Deadline is tomorrow, I have only one submission and they will take the cake and the gifts along with the fancy party lights if no one else turns in…

School and stuff is keeping me really busy :grin:
Hopefully I’ll have some free time soon :cry: