Unplayable Character - Client Crashing


I randomly started encountering an issue with one of my three characters on Boundless. I have a character ‘WhxteRabbit’. It was my very first character. Randomly, my game crashed after playing for a few hours. No warning. No reasoning as to why. Nothing. I relaunched the game and as soon as I exited The Sanctum, the game crashed again. This happened repeatedly. I figured my computer was having issues with the game, so I let it be over night. When I returned the next morning, the game would let me walk around for maybe 3-5 minutes before it would crash again.

So, I switched characters.

No crashes. Hours of gameplay and it’s all working perfectly ( on both alternate characters ). However, each time I switch to WhxteRabbit, the game crashes completely. I have reported it on the game itself and have not heard back. I would really like to get this figured out as soon as possible.


I play on PC using Steam.
After each crash, I relaunch the game and choose ‘yes’ when asked to submit the crash logs.
I can not supply a screenshot of the crash because there is no warning.
Randomly, it just goes from in game to my desktop. Thus, nothing to cap.

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This sounds like something @vdragon might be able to assist with.

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Roughly what time and day did you submit the crash dumps?

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Quite often. From days before I posted here on the forum to literally about 3-5 minutes ago.
12:30pm CST - 10.30.2020

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Looking back over the crash dumps from that day, I can’t find any that contains the name ‘WhxteRabbit’. The only one thing I could think of is that it might contain the name of the character you were switching from. What was the name of the previous character in this case?

Alternatively, if you get a crash dump again, you can submit that and I can check the most recent crash dumps quicker.

The image I have provided is the list of my characters.
The crash appeared to happen no matter which character I switched to WhxteRabbit from.

I switched to WhxteRabbit from Aperem at 10:22am CST 11.02.2020.
It crashed at 11:20am CST 11.02.2020.

This is the longest I have been able to be on the character since the crashes began happening.

I submitted the crash dump when I relaunched the game.


I think I’ve located a crash dump at 17:25 (UTC time), although it doesn’t contain any of those character names, weirdly enough. So that would be around 10:25am CST when it was submitted, or a few minutes before as you stated?

That’s peculiar; not containing any of my names. But, that does seem to be in line with my crash dump. If anything, I can try to play the character again and report the crash times here again and have you see if it matches up to the information and name on this previous crash you’ve found.

I attempted to use the character again at 2:05am CST 11.04.2020.
The game crashed at 2:12am CST.
I submitted the crash dump at 2:20am.

I see the crash dump. Again, it doesn’t appear to show any of those characters, but I’ve added this and the previous crash dump to the bug database.

Great. I appreciate you taking the time to go through the trouble of hopefully helping me figure this out. I’d really like to not have to delete the character, because I put the time in and also have outfit items on it that I would like to not lose. Will it be mentioned here if it gets fixed?

The software engineers are currently looking into it, but I would imagine so.