Unplayable in Asia

So I buy Boundless on steam, Can I play on any server? No.
I currently live in China, the recommended server is Australia and no Asia server option.
While trying to play I get nothing but the red unplayable flashing light at the top.
Is there going to be any Asia Servers? Or private server option coming soon.
Without one of these options, your paying customers in Asia that have a game they can’t play.
Get pings of over 400 most of the time, I have tried using a VPN to play on other servers… Same result just as bad.

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private servers will be implemented soon :slight_smile:

Maybe PM @Flithor to find out how he managed to get playable ping from China. I think he is playing from China.

China is a big place, I’m in Shanghai ( Has good internet). If you live in the south you might be able to play on an Australia server without too many issues. That still leaves mid/northern China and the surrounding countries with no access to this game. Despite it being for sale in these countries on steam without warnings about the lack of server coverage in Asia.

I know China is a big place, actually I am surprised that you can even play the game at all. According to Flithor, the game needed to go thru a certain process to be able to be sold in China. And, I read recently that they had this big thing against video games, so much so that a certain giant company’s stock took a big hit. Plus, the national firewall the country has, I am actually surprised that you can even get access to steam at all. In any case, Flithor is the only player I know that possibly plays from China, and he didn’t play on an Australian server in beta either. I figured he would be a good person to get in contact with to see how he managed that.

In the 80s and 90s gaming was banned. These days China is embracing technology and media. Consumption of all entertainment is huge these days. Ignoring the Chinese market was a stupid mistake, just look at film box office sales in China, its huge business.

The Chinese market isn’t being ignored; but we’re not allowed to publish the game there officially without partnering with a local company - which isn’t something we would have to do in any other part of the world. Until there’s clear demand, much as we’d like to make the game as widely available as possible, it’s costly and challenging.

That’s all fine but there should have been a warning on the Steam store or somewhere stating that this is unplayable in China/Asia currently. I could have got a different game but now I have a game that I can’t play till we can have the ability to host our own servers.

There’s no way to tell that it’s not playable, since we can’t test; and as was mentioned, we have had people playing in Early Access from China.

But I totally understand your point, and thanks for feeding back - something we’ll definitely take on board.

Just be aware that you use Asia too specifically there. Asia is big, not just only China. Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, etc are all part of Asia.
I play from Singapore and I can play Boundless, its far from being totally unplayable, with exception to Australian servers at peak hours. I can’t speak for the other Asian countries because I do not know any players from other regions of Asia. But, I do know someone in Hong Kong who plays.

I know what you mean, but like I said if your near the Australian server you’re fine. The rest of Aisa that is not within Australian, EU or US servers are out of luck without hosting your own servers-> is my main point. Like most games, there is always an Aisa server option for that reason. It’s just frustrating to see a game that looks interesting, buy it and then find out you can’t play it because of an oversight to support players outside US / EU.

I think this game may have lost the competitive ability in the China.
Because some of largest game agencies in China already have their own sandbox games.
And there are 2 similar mobile sandbox games.
Neteasy have Minecraft
Tencent have Craft Planet
Qihoo 360 have Trove
And mobile sandbox games “NetCraft” and “MiniWorld”.

BOUNDLESS doesn’t support Unicode at this time.
The game art style is also inconsistent with the aesthetics of Chinese players.
And now China’s game market is heavily inclined to mobile platforms.

I think the BOUNDLESS team and publishers can give up the plan to publish this game to China.

Asian servers are fine, but games must support Unicode first.

Now I am using my own proxy server build on my own vps.

Don’t buy VPN service in local China provider, are unstable. And also sale overseas porxy service is edge of illegal in mainland China(Service providers may run away at any time).

I’m using the cheap vps for US, you can Google to found it.

From Japan I can play on all servers with a stable enough connection (eu and us-east very very occasionally spike towards 400ms due to occasional packet loss, but not enough to ever get an unplayable connection)

For Asia, the Australian server is really unstable.
US-east is really a better choose.