Unplayable lag on circ and lutrion

I’m US central.

weird that there’s connection issues at this hour, usually it’s only bad 7-11est.

And on an EU planet and an AUS planet.

One region I would get, but two? Especially since both seem to go in opposite directions internet cables wise (AUS to the west, EU to the east).

ISP having issues??

Lol do the cables go under the sea. Haha

Yes, or no, depending on what you mean with under the sea, I see it as bottom of the sea, under it would be digging into the bottom and stuffing them there which is not being done :wink:

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From what I understand they just drop the cables onto the sea floor - which can be a problem since ships sometimes randomly cut cables by dropping anchor in crowded places like the Mediterranean Sea

Good news! The cable to Europe and Australia are two different ones! And neither is going thru the Mediterranean from the US! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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