Unstable Connection and Crash Solved


I have posted about ps4 crashing in a past post. I’m still having that issue and now I get a lot of unstable connection in all the worlds.

Is there anything I can do to fix this or is it just a bug that need fixing?

I have submitted all the crash report to Sony


The next update has a few more PS4 fixes for crashes, so when the update is live, give that a go and see if there are any improvements.


Thank You For Responding.
Have a Great day.


I’ve been getting unstable connection a lot on PS4 the last couple of days. I put it down to our internet. I’ve always got that error the top corner of the screen regularly but it seems like not a minute goes by when it doesn’t pop up atm. And I just quit with my character spinning around!

Still think it’s probably our ■■■■ connection to blame though. Looking at you open reach!


I have posted when I’m having issue and I’m posting now to say all is good.
I haven’t had any connections issues or the (ps4) game crashing in the last 2 weeks.

Just wanted to say thanks to the developers (support team).

Happy New Years


I’m on the PS4 version and have been having this issue with the new planets the last few days, particularly Galan. It never happened before recently. No problem on planets like Trior. I am in the US and I think that’s an AUS server? Is this on the radar?


Galan started to lag when I go in but it’s ok for me.
Must be connection issues… Sorry your going through that experience. Kind of sucks if your trying to play and your getting lagged out. I know that feeling. But all working good for me and hopefully for you soon.


Just did the 1.21 update. Played 10min and PS4 crashed.