Unstable Connection and Crash


I have posted about ps4 crashing in a past post. I’m still having that issue and now I get a lot of unstable connection in all the worlds.

Is there anything I can do to fix this or is it just a bug that need fixing?

I have submitted all the crash report to Sony


The next update has a few more PS4 fixes for crashes, so when the update is live, give that a go and see if there are any improvements.


Thank You For Responding.
Have a Great day.


I’ve been getting unstable connection a lot on PS4 the last couple of days. I put it down to our internet. I’ve always got that error the top corner of the screen regularly but it seems like not a minute goes by when it doesn’t pop up atm. And I just quit with my character spinning around!

Still think it’s probably our ■■■■ connection to blame though. Looking at you open reach!