Up and coming settlements


I want to hear about all the up and coming settlements that you all have seen. We have one called Leviathan, started out about a month ago and we went crazy building. We are currently rank 5. Have a portal hub starting up, a hunters plaza, a mall that anyone is welcome to throw a shop in, a few shops, and some fun builds to check out. Come check us out and let me know about your settlements so i can come check them out! Thanks!
Edit: we are on Sorissi! We have a portal in the biitula hub named Leviathans Belly. Sorry about that!


ummm, what planet are you on? And coordinates would be nice, frustrating at times, but portals can change where you end up at and then I have no idea which direction to go.
would love to check out your mall, opened up a shop in G. Mall and have thought about opening up another one as not everyone goes to the G. Mall. And I’m not near the main sections, so less players know that I am there.
I hadn’t realized how big it had grown until I was looking for a space for my shop!


I think my little settlement falls in this bracket. Started a couple months ago, just a single shop, then a small hub.

Redid the hub, which is now pretty popular. Have just under 40 active portals. Couple other shops added, and just had 3 other people settle there.

Currently get about 50 new people a day coming through, no idea what repeat visitor numbers are like, just going off footfall. But its great seeing people there constantly actually using everything.

Hope everyone else is seeing some success growing theirs too!

Dyab0lix [DBX] Village on Sorissi, with portals in:

  • Ultima HQ - Ground/green floor, under krafters entrance (Dyab0lix)
  • PS hub Bitula - first floor east side (DBX Superstore)
  • Legendville Hub Tana VII (DBX shop and hub)
  • Gyosha Mall Portal hub (DBX shop hub), or DBX Superstore outlet (#27)
  • And all the cool settlements on US East servers.