**UPDATE** New T5 and T6 Planets portals up. Ultima Guild Bulletin


I will confess to being a part of the Capital Teotihuacan so would very happily work on it with you and supply oort shards.
If you want to turn up some point we can help find a good location with you, there are some very nice views around the location, hence why we chose to build there


Yeah if you want to open near Teotihuacan we can give you a mini tour of some nice possible locations


that would be awesome :slight_smile: pm me on discord plz :slight_smile: so we can talk more :slight_smile:


new level 3 planets portals open !! see first post :slight_smile:


Very happy to see new T3 planets added. These new ones seems especially beautiful. Great work getting the map put together and very fast getting it networked. Great job Ultima crew.


A perfect place to move to the rest of the universe. 100% recommended. By far the best place if you are looking for a good place with great people


2 new planets added:

[US East server]Tana VII Level 2 Temperate Lush World (in the Pheminorum Gateway)
[EU server] Eresho Level 2 Temperate Lush World (from finata hub HQ)

:slight_smile: enjoy ^^



addedd new screenies with rebuilder hub !! :slight_smile:
Also planetary view on Ultima Guild City :slight_smile:


LOVE the big sign asking for more aus planets, Really happy to see!


Looks great guys. It looks and feels like your in a transit terminal, airport train station or otherwise. I like it a lot makes the place seem so much busier and alive and funny to watch the chars heads looking up lol


yeah to check planet lists :D:D


wonderful! the network is friendly and easy to follow … in reality it is a place every day more magnificent.


Saw you workin away last night. Looks good man, yall my favorite hub to travel through, everything is nice, neat and very clear as to what leads where and less portal hopping required. Keep on keeping on!


I was wondering! I warped in and was like… where have I gone?


Would love to be able to get to the hub via Nex Tech on Imoco, an up and coming city ranked 1 on the planet.


we may open additional portals on imoco :smiley: i not saying we cant :D:D


Putting the U.S. West Gateway on Till sucks. Till is a level 4 inhospitable world meaning you have cut off your network from all low level players who start in the west.


that was though decision, but in long term this will be beneficial to everyone. sooner or later ppl will have at least 1 point in each resistance. and i made this decision to place it on till cause is less populated planet so there wont be world full problem there. i assumed that its better to have crippled vision but be able to enter hub then waiting 1 hour to get to the hub ;/ its a 2 edged sword :confused:

and i didnt cut it off from low lv players. ive created lv 1 character and went there to see if it is so hard to nagivage. it is not. even without resistance u have like 2-3 minutes before u start getting damaged by atmosphere. and visibility is crippled, however not to the degrtee that u cans see anything :confused:


Can confirm, no resistances and able to safely travel the portals. You may have a problem if the portal doesn’t load but it’s on Till to prevent exactly that.


:slight_smile: thank you for this comment :slight_smile: i hope more ppl will realise this :smiley: ^^ appreciate it man:slight_smile: