***UPDATE*** Ultima Network Oortstone mass buyout 200c each

Hi all,

this week starting today we are recoining our request baskets for oortstones. each request baskets is recoined now with 350.000c each.!

We are buying ur Oortstones for 200c each :wink: If you wanna sell more, we can give some better price. :wink: For bulk sale pm me via forum or discord. :wink:
-1463N -1017E Alt 65 Eresho

Also we have setup request baskets in every high tier world for your convenience :slight_smile:
Each basket have 100k coins in it and of course same price of 195c for each oortstone :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support :wink:


Thanks for your support from me too :slight_smile:

Wow, suddenly everyone is buying all the Oort in the game…

What do they know that we don’t? :thinking::thinking:


nothing we just running low on oortstones for shards to fuel the network portals :slight_smile:


you should add the info how much shards you need per hour or day :wink:
I think some people dont know how much all the portals cost

and for all other be happy that we have all this portal for free use

and support them with some stones or shards


Well a lot :slight_smile: weekly we are spending shards amounts worth around 400k coins to maintain all portals. :wink: + over 300k coins for guild buffs. so thats roughly 700k weekly ;/

Right? Nothing from me just tired of worrying about it, and had coins stacking up.

I haven’t actually gotten any oort yet though so I wish hash would have waited a couple days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ill :smiley: dont worry if there wont be coins in baskets pm me directly :slight_smile: ill buy it off u :slight_smile:

Ive recoined baskets again :slight_smile: another 500k added :wink:

HAHA no i mean I’m trying to buy >10k rough oort myself right now, but my hub isn’t so central so people will have to go a little out of their way to sell to me. Did some of your baskets get filled already?

yes 2out of 3 gtot cleaned up

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try since 3 weeks to get some… i get only 350 shards and no stone thats all XD

Baskets Recoined :wink: Grab coins forur oortstones ppl :wink:

You’re probably not paying enough.
I sell for 13c per shard, and have sold about 30,000 shards this past week.

seems like hunting in general is bit relaxed now and not many ppl going on hunts… hope its all temp with kids on vacation and all so we can all start making some more coins ^^

Baskets are recoined again!! ***UPDATE*** Ultima Network Oortstone mass buyout

!!UPDATE!! Baskets recoined. each with 100.000 to 300.000 coins in it :wink:

baskets recoined once again!
prices are increased now! we buy your oortstones for 195c each :slight_smile: 700k in baskets!!

guys 195c for each Oort ! a nice opportunity to make some fast cash and also to help us run the hub :slight_smile:

baskets recoined in every high tier world hub and just sitting there waiting for u :stuck_out_tongue:

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Basket again recoined !! 195c each stone :slight_smile: over 1m in baskets