** UPDATED ** Guild Portal Seekers / Hunts / Contracts/ Gateways / Recruiment

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Portal Seekers Info!

Recently we have been working hard on combining the info on 1 spot. so for all the general information about the portal seekers please visit our fresh new website! https://portalseekers.weebly.com/

Portal Seekers Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/pPE4jNk

You will find all the information about the portal seekers here.
This include the Hunt calanders.
Information about the portal network.
Even Guild discussions can be found there ( Trello and Guild Meetings)

Here below we shall post updates! news and other actual information!


Portal Gateway Updates
The gateways have been rearranged to match the latest planetary distance changes. This allows for cheaper portal upkeep. As always, we want our gateways to reflect the planetary connections as close and efficiently as possible.
New Gateway Layout:

Please note, Vulpto Gateway size will still remain consistent with other gateways, it’s size is only bigger on this chart to allow for the linking lines from other planets to be easily shown.

Supplemental Shopping Nodes
We have opened a new Shopping Node on Vulpto! This node will be directly linked to the Shopping Alley on Munteen VII, and allow new members to the Shopping nodes to have a cheaper portal cost compared to Munteen VII since this last planetary connection shift.

Munteen VII Gateway Moving to Shopping Alley Center!
The Munteen VII gateway has moved to the center of the Munteen VII Shopping Alley! Which will allow a more centralized access to all 4 wings of the Shopping Alley.

If you have a portal inside the current Munteen VII Gateway, we will refund your opening costs to move it into the new gateway in the center of the Shopping Alley.

Vulpto Gateway
Due to the major changes to the Vulpto gateway, for the new Shopping node, it has been relocated to accommodate the new design, and node.

If you have a portal inside the current Vulpto Gateway, we will refund your opening costs to move it into the new gateway.

The Previous UPDATE!

On the Portal Seeker website there is a traveler blog be @Sharkysaur. We are glad to announce the first article about the Sandbox Museum.

Aquatopia also has the Protector bot now, you can be come a hunter in their discord and get notified. to become hunter use !hunter. Dont you want to be a hunter anymore, use !hunter again. We recommed to do it on the Portal Seeker discord since there are the hunts held.

@Rumplypigskin started to do hunts in the name for the Cuttlepunks. We are glad that there are other guilds organizing events. We like to help with the promotion on the Hunter Schedule.

Shopping alley!
Searching for a place to connect your shop to or want to increase the number of players buying and selling in your shop then the Portal Seekers Shopping Alley is the right place for you!

The Portal Seekers Shopping alley is meant for Shops to connect closer together. This will increase the competition and help Shop owners to figure out what prices are fair for the merchandise. The most important thing is that it allows players to buy and sell things everywhere but it’s more like a local market with everything very close to each other.


Hunting Party (Today, 19:30 UTC, Mobius Plaza)
I need help!
New, looking for people / guild
**UPDATED** The Community Great Hunt
**UPDATED** The Community Great Hunt

Awesome! clicks the link


Yes please! I would love to join! :smiley:


We would like more players fom EU to join to :slight_smile: one part of the guild is all about hunting and we need players from all servers to get more huns in diffrent time zones.


Hey all!

for the people who joined the guild! WELCOME :slight_smile:we are happy with the new friends we are making and the projects where we work on together.

talking about projects. I hope of you all already saw the new Gateways (portal network) we are building . we are happy to say that we are almost ready with the gateways at therka, vulpto, Nasharin. but keep calm, we try to finish it as quick as we can!



** UPDATED * Guild Portal Seekers / Hunts / Contracts/ Gateways / Recruiment


If you like hunting and want to become a pro hunter join us! we do daily guild events some times sevral times a day


updated the links to the huting schedule, now works again!
(updated, now works again)
PST https://goo.gl/mSynHB
CST https://goo.gl/s91tVa
EST https://goo.gl/HFvAdA
GMT https://goo.gl/79JjUf
CET https://goo.gl/862Djn


I love your gateways! I was exploring the portal system and kept getting lost, but then I tried the Portal Seekers Gateway and it is so well organized and easy to travel! Thank you so much for making an organized system. When I am advanced enough to have a portal I will seek you out to add it to your system.


@virresss I saw that the capital of Solum has changed to Aquapolis. How does this affect the portal network? Do we move the Pixel Gate connection to the city room and build a connection to Aquapolis? I don’t suppose this happens often, but will the changing capitals cause difficulties for the capital city portal, or is this something that can be easily changed and maintained? I don’t know very much about portals, but if this is a problem to keep changing the portal connection for the capital, what if we kept all the city portals in the city area, and then instead of moving the portal for the capital city we just move the frame and signage around the capital city portal in the city room. Is that something that would work?


yeah we might have to think about it.


@virresss @SePras What do you think about this mock up for showing off the Portal Seekers Gateway, and info to help guide travelers to their destination?



@Sharkysaur its awsome! can you please linkit on discord for the other members to see :slight_smile:


Aquatopia :wink:


yeah i can fix it now if you are online?


Tonight i will try find a nice central spot for when you wonna link aqua also theres a road passing half the planet for builds that need to be able to expand in the futur


Sounds Grate!


join us in the hunts!


Epsilo Hub is almost complete! Mwahaha ha cough
I’m working on crafting more portal conduits… It may be awhile. Having trouble fueling all that spark, but it will get there.

Also need to finish signage, put up plinths for the player portals, and build 2 more exits.
Can someone double check my signs that the info is accurate and that you can read the hidden info by pressing e on the 2 signs that say you can. Just need to know that they work.