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Update about how to become a hunter!


Travelers blog and hunt


Updated Shopping alley!
Searching for a place to connect your shop to or want to increase the number of players buying and selling in your shop then the Portal Seekers Shopping Alley is the right place for you!

The Portal Seekers Shopping alley is meant for Shops to connect closer together. This will increase the competition and help Shop owners to figure out what prices are fair for the merchandise. The most important thing is that it allows players to buy and sell things everywhere but it’s more like a local market with everything very close to each other.


Shopping alley
!!Older Portals that have not adjust to these rules will closed down!! 2018-04-20.


Tnx Dumaru!


Hey guys, if you want to open up a shop in the PS shopping network, we have portals available in the new Vulpto shopping gateway! Connected directly to the Munteen shopping alley, your shop can still be part of the rest of the PS shopping network and visited by patrons of the network. Come take a look! the new hub looks great!


Portals going like hotcakes, get yours now!


I have capacity to take on two portals to my shop on Munteen. Would you recommend one in the Vulpto and one in the Munteen shopping alleys?

Will get them set up this morning, as I have the day off work. YAAASSS.


1 is probably enough to be honest. As a shopper looking for an item, I think I wouldn’t want to see duplicates of the same store. I think the two shopping gateways are connected closely enough that you can consider it to be one big shopping center =D.

Good luck with your shop and thanks for the interest!!!


Have setup a portal and posted in the group on Discord.


Updated OP with @Cakengrad 's latest map


Could you pls update Portal A1 in Munteen Shopping Alley with the name:
“Concrete Corner Superstore”



@Crete Hi! :slight_smile:

Don’t you already have a working portal to your shop in the Vulpto Gateway?


Indeed I do! =D


Portal seekers is always recruiting new players.
Interested of helping out and take a bigger roll in hunting, PS portal network or juts find a very active guild in all time zones. Join us now! https://discord.gg/nyhhKe2


NEW Portal newtwork And a hunt! join us read the first post!


Great work! Congratulations on your accomplishment!
Nice universe map too!


Portal Seekers have now conected all the lvl 4 planets to the network!


We have also conected sevral capitals and citys to the network!


Do you have anything on USA West? I went to the location noted and nothing is there… If not I’ve got a location for a town near the current capital. 2070N, 1600E, 113Alt.