** UPDATED ** Guild Portal Seekers

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And what is wrong with when you go from lambliss to Biitula to Grovidias Te??

Dont get me wrong :slight_smile: I’m from EU too and shorter is always better. But we have to take the fuel price in account aswell. and want AU also on the ring

For the people who werent able to join us ingame. We were able to make room for new members! so feel free to join us again. 25 spots available for now (for non-gleamclub members).

For members in the guild. Please make my life easyer :slight_smile: Only join the faction you use right now. Atm i need to check all the factions you’re in when making the endeavour list. It will safe me alot of time if everyone will be in the only faction they have as Primairy!
Thank you in advance and we are glad you choose to be part of the portal seekers!

** Update Network video!**
I just browsed youtube today and saw that @Jiivita made a video about how the new network layout looks :slight_smile: If you havent been updated yet about the new network? Or you are new and are curious! Take a look at Jiivita’s video :slight_smile:

** Update Exowolrds!!**

There is an exoworld accesable true the planet Houchus I or Kor Huchoo, both tier 7.
In the PS Houchus I hub you can find a shopstand that sells locations tokens[Vandar] for 1000 cr.
In PS Kor Huchoo hub you can find a shopstand that sells loaction tokens [Gotcho] for 1000 cr.
BE aware. You need Warp lvl 3 to be able to wards toward it and it cost 3400 each time.
Its better to do this with friends or in a group!

Update 2 juni 2019
We just discovered that if you havent logged on for a long time with characters. The guild doesnt know if it has Gleamclub. In case you have gleam club and didnt log on for the last two months with a character, But you are in the in-game guild, Could you please log in with them? That would give the bonus membership count!

Previous we didnt know who had gleamclub. But now when maintaining the guild it would keep you in the in-game Guild Portal Seekers even if you dont play. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Minor Announcement - Gonna be moving the Flan Hub tomorrow (currently accessible from one of the player portals), if anyone wants some plots next to it let me know! ~


In-game guild has room for new members!

Thanks to the guild quality of life improvements of 2 weeks ago we Portal Seekers were able to make 40
non-gleamclub spots avaible! Feel always f ree to join us and make use of the Guild buffs that are reset every friday-saturday midnight 0:00 UTC.

Please when you join make sure you make use of the benefits of being in the guild, the guild buffs!
If you join the guild because you like us and dont make use of the buffs, please join us on discord instead and apply as Member. Keep the space in-game for people who like to benefit from guild buffs!

When the guild is close to full we will have to kick people again. This will be done be the last seen-fuction.
Since the Guild was full for a quite time. This time we decided kick people who havent been online since the update 2 weeks ago. Next time might be 4 weeks the max inactivity. Depending on how much room has been made be this criteria, other wishe it can narrows to 3 weeks or 2 weeks. If you were gone an that moment, Dont hesitate to join back and make use of the guild buffs!
When you are kicked from the in-game guild doesnt mean you arent part of the guild. There for we have the discord! Its not personal unless we spoke directly with you about the situation.

Updated 15-07-2019
Members activity requirement
Hey everyone! The badnews guy is here . We decided that when you are off for 2 weeks or more, you have a risk of being kicked. This will happen when the guild is full. Incase you did come back feel free to join back. We are doing this short 2 weeks period so we keep space open in the guild. If you have Gleamclub you’re excluded from this rule!


Currently Buying Coal in our guild hall for 100c per compact Hard Coal! Have 830k in the basket! If you have extra coal we will take it off your hands and give you some nice coin!


Looks like someone is working towards enriched hard coal :smiley:

Hello everyone! Updated the Hunters Courtyard with the new crops and water! It was super fun to go back through and add the crops. They bring so much life to a build!

Come on by and check it out! <3




Love the update to the courtyard. Was blown away when it changed. Now even more in crazy about it


@Tagris made and announcement on the discord but not here :open_mouth:
Well here it still is :smiley:

Hello Portal Seekers! We will be building a guild store! The guild store will be an option for members to sell their goods (more on the details later). For now, we need to build it! A post has been put in the Gatherer chat with all the gathering needs! Feel free to help out if you can.

Soon we will be having a Bomb party (forged bombs provided) to clear out the land for this massive build.

If you have any questions about the store, please let us know!



That looks great. Who built it? Was it a cooperative build?
Is that built yet?

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Bomb party to help hollow the cave is a great idea!

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We worked together on the idea, @virresss put together the draft in Magical Voxel and as a guild we are going to build it! Not built yet. We are gathering the last of the resources and planning the bomb party to blow up all the land (with liquid breakers to take care of the water/lava)

Will be a fun time! Please stop by once it is done.


It’s good to see a picture of what you guys were talking about in Discord all those times. Looks very cool I think it will be an awesome addition to the boundless universe

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That’s pretty cool. I didn’t know the hunters courtyard was still around. I’m going to check it out when I get on later. Nice work. :+1::+1:

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Bombing party Monday at 9pm EST (Tuesday 1AM UTC). We will be meeting at the guild Hall to bomb away the ground where the store will be built! Bombs and liquid breakers will be provided!

Its a guild event so members may participate :smile: Bombs will be provided
Please be on a character that has max power (and power epic) if you will be using provided bombs so that they 1 hit! @Tagris will be in voice-chat in our discord: https://discord.gg/aSp2BPw

For others. Feel free to join the party, take a drink or expend your connections of your network and lets have a good time!

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Bomb Party was a big success! Thank you for everyone that showed up. A few before and after shots!




There have been people questioning if we are rearrange or closing portals.
This is not going on. here and there are some hubs under reconstruction but this shouldn’t be a problem.
All planets should be accessible.
If you discover a portal from the Portal Seekers closed, please let us know on our discord:


Just wanted to let people know, we’re still active. Check out the original post in this thread for more information on what we do. Awesome video from Jiivita here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R9tYJYqADk

We also have a guild shop co-op where you can contribute things you’re good at: https://forum.playboundless.com/t/new-ps-shop/37948

A few of us hang out in chat on discord in the evenings US time, but we also have a decent number of active AUS and EU players too. Join our discord if you’re interested!


*** Small Little Update ***
I’ve just recently finished work on a new hub for Delta Cancret.

A temporary portal has also been set up connecting to the old hub if you happen to have a player portal you wish to move.


All of this has been amazing work, incredibly helpful.

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