Updated Nov 11 - Lowered prices: WTS Advanced Coils! (Starting 900c each!)

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Updated August 10

New Coil Prices:
Advanced Refinery Power Coil: 1050c each.
HANDTRADED: 950c each!
Advanced Extractor Power Coil: 1050c each.
HANDTRADED: 950c each!
Advanced Workbench Power Coil: 1050c each.
HANDTRADED: 950c each!
Advanced Compactor Power Coil: 1140c each.
HANDTRADED: 1000c each!
Advanced Centraforge Power Coil: 1600c each.
HANDTRADED: 1450c each!
Advanced Mixer Power Coil: 1550c each.
HANDTRADED: 1400c each!

Ancient Vital Essence: 4c each.

Things I am buying:

Rough Emerald: 112c each ---- 200 000c in basket.
Rough Amethyst : 112c each ---- 200 000c in basket.
Rough Ruby: 45c each ---- 150 000c in basket.
Rough Diamond: 35c each ---- 200 000c in basket.

Copper Ore: 3,8c each ---- 180 000c spread in two baskets.
Iron Ore: 3.5c each ---- 70 000c in basket.
Silver Ore: 17c each ---- 20 000 in spread in two baskets.
Silver Bar: 17c each ---- 100 000c in basket.

Flint: 0.5c each ---- 24 000c in spread in two baskets.

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Currently in the process of restocking hundreds of coils!

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How much for chrysominter coils?

Sorry, only got the original coils.

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Emerald & Amethyst:
Minning emerald and amethyst requires going to planets that heavily use lava. To top it off the gems are generally found around the lava. Meaning that miners have to constantly deal with trying to avoid the lava and/or dying to the lava constantly while trying to mine. This typically means these gems are found in small groups with lots of obstacles in the way while trying to collect them. Because of this most people simply don’t farm Emerald and Amethyst. To top it off, Emerald and Amethyst aren’t typically useful in most things outside of coils. So there’s really no need to farm them once you have your coils, so most people avoid collecting them like the plague.

Copper & Iron:
The pricing for copper and iron has to do with supply and demand. Most low levels will farm copper because that’s all they can get to. So at lower levels copper is far more plentiful. However, once you reach the higher levels your primary focus is on farming gems, not metals. Metals are simply a byproduct of farming the gems. The problem is that most gems are surrounded by Iron and Precious Metals(gold, silver, titanium), not copper. So high end miners get loads of Iron and almost no copper. So there is an extreme abundance of Iron at the higher levels, and very little copper. To top it off the cost of a good hammer and foods to mine, is typically more than the cost to simply buy the copper, so its generally not worth wasting time mining copper when there are far more valuable things you can use those resources on, then simply buy whatever copper you may need.

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Actually I have to disagree with this point. Emerald is the arguably superior heavy tool as it’s energy consumption is less than diamond. As a result I no longer bother forging Diamond tools for my store, except for the odd one now and then to keep on a shop stand for the people who seem to think that diamond is the only option.

And as for Amethyst… in my opinion these are the best tools in the game. They have the lowest energy consumption of all and my T6 Amethyst Speed hammers are by far my biggest sellers (used with a strength brew to one shot). With the right quirks (extra damage at day/night) I have even managed to make T7 amethyst one-shot speed hammers, it’s quite enjoyable mining Umbris at 107 action speed while others plod along with a diamond hammer and a strength brew.

Amethyst and Emerald are my favorite gems to mine, because of the difficulty, the obstacles, the lava, etc. I find mining Sapphire and Topaz mind-numbingly boring.

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Because if you actually run the numbers Diamond IS the only option.

Lets just start with the obvious…
Diamonds = 60c
Emeralds = 120c

These are rough values. Otherwise the ingredients are essentially the same to craft both. So you’re paying basically twice as much to craft emerald hammers as you are to craft Diamond hammers.

on top of that if you want to argue that emeralds have no cost, which is a bogus argument anyways given that there is an opportunity cost that is lost, but either way you’re going to spend at least twice as long trying to farm emeralds as you would for the same number of Diamonds.

That alone is worth going Diamond over Emerald, but lets just assume for the moment that Emerald and Diamond actually cost the same…

A farming hammer must have the following boons…

  • Damage (level 8+)
  • AOE (level 4)

The final boon can vary depending on your playstyle and chosen foods, but are typically one of the following…

  • Durability
  • Busy Bee (speed)

With Diamond, you can 1-hit rock on a T6 planet with only damage at level 8. This gives you the ability to put more points into speed, durability, etc…

With an Emerald hammer, otherwise identical, it takes you 2 hits to break rock on a T6 planet. That means your hammers cost twice as much, and now wear out twice as fast on higher tier planets. That means the cost of your emerald hammers is now 4x as much as a diamond hammer. Or at the very least will require a higher level of damage forged onto it costing you in other areas again such as durability or speed.

So… don’t let me dissuade you from using your emerald hammers, but given the numbers… I will never use emerald hammers, I would rather sell the emeralds and buy twice as many diamond hammers that will last me twice as long :). I should also note that you can absolutely run a diamond hammer nonstop with a simple choice in the foods you consume while mining if that is what you are after. No need to go down the Emerald hole.


I appreciate the debate and you make very good points. I did use the words “arguably” and “in my opinion” though because they were just my opinions.

But I hate to disappoint you as your logic is very flawed, the rough gems alone are a very small portion of the cost price of the final forged product. I run a spreadsheet to calculate my forging and production costs based on what I could potentially get for my raw ingredients at request baskets, so yes I have done the numbers. Over a series of several hundred forges the cost price of an emerald hammer forged to devastating damage level 9 (only 1000 extra boon points over level 8) is 10 - 15% higher, not 400%. On average I sell 10 amethyst hammers with busy bee in the same time I sell maybe 1 diamond hammer with an extra 2000 durability at the same price due their their popularity, the turnover alone makes forging these well worth the trouble. And with the significantly lower energy usage on an Amethyst their is no need to use a starberry pie for energy as you are suggesting you might do with a diamond.

I really just wish to give others ALL the information, rather than allow others to dissuade them from using alternative tools based on false statements. Yes Emeralds are harder to get, but not that much harder if you are a half decent miner with plenty of locations saved and you also take advantage of Emerald Exo worlds when they pop up, I have never purchased an emerald in this game and thanks to a couple of exo worlds I haven’t had to mine one in a month or more and I don’t think I will for some time yet.

Edit: And sorry I forgot to state that my main point in the original post was that the emerald and amethyst are, based on the item stats alone, the superior tools due to their energy cost. The only disadvantage being that they require an extra level in devastating damage to do the same job as their counterpart (diamond/topaz). So making them into coils is most definitely not their only use.


I appreciate the bumps you are giving me but please don’t start a huge debate war on my advertisement for my store :sweat_smile:

Everyone has their opinion, and for some diamonds are more valuable than emeralds and vice versa.

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