Updated Nov 11 - Lowered prices: WTS Advanced Coils! (Starting 900c each!)

Still buying some ore/gems, but mostly selling coils atm!!

Don’t ignore the cheap power of buff bombs in this debate ad! they last much longer in total than the same price of brews and ofc stack on top of food AND brews…

Back to topic, coming to pick up a few coils :wink:


How long does the bomb buffs last?

I haven’t got around to use them yet but I heard they don’t last that long and you need to keep chucking them all the time?

And thanks for buying my coils <3

If they’re all the same, it’s 20 seconds i think.

Bombs in one hand, hammer in the other. Brew and pies in the other quick slots. Throw a bomb every x seconds while you hammer spam.

But in which hand do you have your autolooting torch? :thinking:

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Yeah been finding that weird for ages. I can put up all kind of gem types for use with or without a strength brew and people prefer to go for the diamond ones.

I like Topaz speed hammers, always have them on me when building on T2, lately also forge them with 3x3 for use with a mega strength brew on T6, for T7 I prefer Sapphire with a strength brew (action speed of course) and I adore the hulk hammers! It’s also the only other gem type that can be forged to 1 hit T6 without brews (besides diamond of course)…

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Same hand as the bombs and use L1/R1 on PS4 to switch quickly between them? (alt-1 to 8 or ctrl 1 to 8 on pc? if I play on pc I still use a PS4 controller, haha)

Hmm, may have to give it a try. Currently not doing anything else than running my business. :sweat_smile:

I don’t use one. I know, it’s crazy! :crazy_face:

Time to petition for lootbombs! Or speedchisels, but that would just be crazy talk hehe.

Give us jewelry which can be forged with auto loot and lighting!!


Tagging @bigad9 who was looking for someplace to sell his ore!

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PM me for more specific offer or pricing!

we had “lootbombs” - kind of. Until a patch about a year ago, a bomb would blow up all the rock/dirt/etc in it’s area of effect and leave all the lootable stuff behind. If you had a magnet forged item in the other hand, you basically stood there and collected everything.

The patch made it so bombs also destroy all loot =)

Lol, yeah I was around back then.

I wish I was around back then. Seems to have been amazingly fun!!

Just gonna add this here, as the previous one is just disappearing into all the chat :+1:
Advanced Refinery Power Coil: 1020c each.
HANDTRADED: 950c each!
Advanced Extractor Power Coil: 1020c each.
HANDTRADED: 950c each!
Advanced Workbench Power Coil: 1020c each.
HANDTRADED: 950c each!
Advanced Compactor Power Coil: 1140c each.
HANDTRADED: 1000c each!
Advanced Centraforge Power Coil: 1600c each.
HANDTRADED: 1450c each!
Advanced Mixer Power Coil: 1550c each.
HANDTRADED: 1400c each!

Directions to my place in first post!!

New prices as of Sep 14th!

Advanced Refinery Power Coil: 950 each.
Advanced Extractor Power Coil: 950 each.
Advanced Workbench Power Coil: 950 each.
Advanced Compactor Power Coil: 990 each.
Advanced Centraforge Power Coil: 1400c each.
Advanced Mixer Power Coil: 1400c each.

Directions to my place can be found in first post!

Also: Enabled the new plint system thingymajiggy.


Lovely build!
Looking for an outlet location? I’d love to have you at Legendville Mall! :blush:

Hi there and thanks!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer but currently not in need of an outlet. I want to keep all my stuff in the same area and location and was truthfully never a big fan of the mall concept as to me it feels very outdated in its current state, even with the new shop scanners. :+1: