Updated: WTS Ores, Bars, Gems, Coal, Rocks and so forth!


Hi there!

I have dropped my price since last time, economy keeps on plummeting.
Found at El Mercado in New Springfield - Portal in PS Gloviathosa Hub (South side). Can either message me here or on discord at: Quimby / Will#6720

Copper: 7c each.
Iron: 8c each.
Silver: 50c each.
Gold: 44c each.
Titanium: 55c each.

Copper: 7c each.
Iron: 8c each.
Silver: 50c each.
Gold: 44c each.
Titanium: 55c each.

Diamond: 86c each.

Medium Coal: 10c each.
Hard Coal: 27c each.
Compacted Medium Coal: 95c each.
Compacted Hard Coal: 200c each,

Flint: 2c each.
Rock Salt: 1c each.
Opal: 10c each.

Combined of all Rock types: 2c each.
All found at El Mercado

Advanced Compactor Coil: 2400c each.

18800x Clay Soil: 3c each.
19100x Mud: 3c each.
20700x Ash: 3c each.
All 3 found at El Mercado

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


I’m just curious, you seem to have quite a lot of gold, silver and diamonds.

Have ya ever considered mining for topaz and tech components on Gallan so you can produce a few hundred advanced Workbench, Compactor, Refinery and Extractor coils?


Do you have Metamorphoc Rock (Black tint)?


Never tried no. I am too comfortable mining in the same location every time xD

@TheDarkCrucible Sadly not.


How much are you after?


For those curious, I have dropped prices by 5-10% and restocked, depending on item! See if you find it appealing!


Just looking at it. You could offload some of that stuff in people’s buy baskets. Centless is paying close to what your asking on iron, I’ve seen people buying gold at 35c, etc. I’ve taken stuff from our shop stand (selling gold 35c) and ran a few portals over to someone with a request basket buying it for 40.



Yes I do that too, most of them don’t buy big quantities on higher end ores sadly :frowning: