Upgraded before launch


I upgraded my boundless account for an extra $19.99 on Aug 22nd. I have not seen any bonus for doing so? What perks did I get for that upgrade as nothing has been done so far?


You should have:

  • The “Adventurer” Title (No titles ingame yet, but I can see you have it here on the forum)
  • 10% Bonus on the number of Plots you own. (Check your Character Status screen to see your Backer Level and Plot Bonus)
  • Crafting Recipe for Exclusive Weapon: Iron Fist (I think you need weapon crafting level 1 for it to show up in the workbench)
  • Exclusive Wearable: Adventurer’s Crest (This is a Mask, added in the latest Patch, check Inventory -> Outfits to see if it shows up)
  • Access to the World Builder and the Original Soundtrack through Steam.


Thank you, I see I have this now