Upgrading current tool selection

I like to build underground --as I state in a fair amount of posts-- and with that in mind I make some pretty large rooms despite them taking gratuitous amounts of time; This being said, I was hoping maybe there could be a better pickaxe, maybe one that will mine as fast as the current shovel destroys dirt and such, or we could up the anti and say that we can make a Gleam pickaxe that will give off some light as you’re mining. Just some mining tools that would help with lightening the load of boring through “tons” of stone ;V

There are already two different pickaxes. One made of wood only and one made with stone and wood. I just don’t remember of it was stone alone or stone chunks (I’m at my Mobile in the moment) :wink: … The stone made one is quite fast.

I was meaning past stone, the scale that I build underground so far has taken 3 hours alone to mine out, more to decorate. As the game still has a relatively small amount of total items, I know nearly all of them, but would like to have a better way to mine than with just a stone pickaxe, it’s far too slow for how much work I need to get done. ;V

the stone pick just came out a few weeks ago
give it time, it’ll come :kissing_heart:

I know, I will, but James said to make a post, and so here it is folks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Tools that light up your surroundings would be epic for spelunking and mining, excellent suggestion! To counter-balance them with other non-lambent tools, they could have drastically lower durability, or perhaps yield less reagents when used, depending in what kind of systems they decide on after adding durability.

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Yeah, I was thinking maybe they would be less efficient time-wise, need more materials, break faster, or need a specific branch to do so :smiley:

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I would prefer the ability to hold a torch in your off hand or perhaps to craft a miner’s helmet

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Maybe they allow a variety of ways to light your work in caves. You may be spending hours down there after all.

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Phone a friend! Lots of people willing to help out with other’s projects around here.

One: I don’t have a ton of friends

Two: I have a very specific area layout I want to adhere to, and for that reason I keep myself as a solo builder unless the project is started with more people(Lest it be taken off the charted course).

Three: I don’t trust anyone. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of meeting people and developing a trust bond, but I’ve had only Five of countless attempts so I’ve been quite unlucky and now have the mentality everyone wants to ruin my day; needless to say, this is why I mentioned being a mercenary in the later stages of the game.

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Its a hard balance though isnt it? later on when we get world regen they might make better tools but for now… I dont think its because they cant make better tools, however tools are power, better tools are more power, and all power can be abused. you might just make a base and are tired of digging, but there might be others who use the same tool to destroy entire cities build, caves or mountains just because there is less hassle. what you are doing, digging out something, is precisely what a griefer would do, so think about it, the easier they make it for you, the easier they make it for the griefers :smile:

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I agree with you 100%, but I also don’t think a whole lot of people will blow a minimum of $35 to be caught griefing and be suspended temporarily.

That being said, I trust no one, so I also believe everyone is a griefer that I don’t know, so I had thought that maybe they could have a system where there’s a tool that’s not accessible to people unless you ask, much like the water and lava! This allows them to have a small list of people who may own a tool that can do “powerful” things so that if there is trouble they know who to check in on first; assuming there are logs on a player to let them know if they’ve been 'that guy’ing.

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