Upgrading Tiers

Hello guys!

Quick question… I’m thinking about upgrading from Explorer to Adventurer.
But do I need to pay the full €51 or do I need to pay the remaining price of €51-€32=€19?

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Pay the balance. Also, it’s usually a good idea to email them to notify them that you are in fact upgrading.

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Details on how to upgrade are here.


Im upgrading for the World Builder :wink:


Thank you so much!

And your name will be in the credits!!

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Awesome! :smile:

You are “Steam powered”, right? So you can buy “Collector’s Edition DLC”. It has a same effect.

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Oh this is correct and an important point. The easiest way it to upgrade via the Collector’s Edition in Steam - then everything happens automatically.

(Obviously if you want to upgrade beyond this, then it’s manual again.)

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