Upgrading Your Account?


A dev question: How would one upgrade from the $35 Explorer to the $55 Adventurer tier? I’m assuming you would be able to simply upgrade by spending the extra $20, but how does one do so?

Thank you!


Scroll down through the FAQ, they detail how to do it there:

You need to pay the difference between your current package and the new package. Once we have confirmed the payment we will upgrade your purchase, tier and account. The new tier perks will be sent to you automatically once they’re available in the game.

Please send the money via PayPal directly to “webservices@turbulenz.biz”. This is our PayPal account.

As an example, if you’re upgrading from Adventurer to Wayfarer, then you need to pay $95 - $50 = $45.

Once you have made the payment please email the following details to us at oortonline@turbulenz.com:

  1. The original tier and the new tier you are upgrading to.
  1. The PayPal transaction ID - to help us confirm the payment.
  2. The email address you used to register your Oort Online account.
  3. Your Oort Online username.

Please note that this is currently a manual process and the upgrade could take up to 24 hours. We will respond to your email confirming that the upgrade has been completed.


Okay, great. Thank you!

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I bought the basic account in Steam ($35), so I assume I am an Explorer. I also assume that the “Collector’s Edition” in Steam is the Adventurer set correct?
My question is: If I want to get the Wayfarer set, is there going to be a Steam option for that or do I still have to do it manually through PayPal?
Thank you.


Do it through the oortonline.com page. Steam won’t allow multiple tiers like what they want, hence the “DLC” to adventurer.


Ok, so if I upgrade through them, then how do I get the extra access keys to my friends on Steam?

at $95 you only get 1 extra key at LAUCH. launch is 1.0 which is expected early 2016.

… and the Mega Beacon +25% range

right, I just wanted him to know he wouldnt get another copy right now.

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I understand that, no problem. I just wanted to be sure that your version is the Steam version because many times Steam will be incompatible with anything not bought directly from them and they will force you to buy their version.

really? most everything I have ever bought outside of steam I just get a steam key for and then add it to steam…

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Yeah I have a few games on Steam that if you want an expansion or DLC, you have to buy their version first, so I was just seeing if it was compatible both for me and my friends who I would give the extra keys to when the game launches. If you say it’s no problem, then I’ll go with it. Thanks.

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I bought through the Oort Online site and have only played through steam. Process was fairly smooth. At launch, most likely you will be given another steam key to donate as you see fit.

just upgraded to an explorer account :smile: