Upsides down and sideways please

Let me begin by saying that I am really enjoying the current progress and I really like the variation of sloped blocks. Also, sorry if this has been mentioned before.

Can we please allow the blocks to be placed upside down and sideways? This is especially needed for the sloped blocks.


I agree 100%. Also being able to put stairs and slabs upside down as well would be awesome.


I support this suggestion.

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I think inverted blocks alone are a reasonable and doable request which would open up a lot of options for cool builds :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Some time ago they mentioned having a better way to decide which sloped blocks you were using besides having it placed in a certain spot in the inv. I bet they are waiting till they finish that system before adding additional slopes. As much as this has been requested, it’s pretty certain that they will be a feature at some point!

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Of everything I have put into suggestions, this is by far the most important to me. So many creative opportunities missed.

I wouldn’t worry too much at this point. I don’t see why it should be unreasonable to implement, it opens up countless building opportunities for a (I would think) moderate amount of work unless the engine can’t supoort it.

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