Usage of Plots



we are creating a city in Minorengle, though it is a US Server we are a group of german people playing on PS4. Our city is growing day by day.

About a week ago we got a new member and he really wanted to build near to our main buildings, he said he played a lot of Minecraft and wanted to build a very prestige looking building. So one of our Member gave him his Plots.

He just build a building of green foliage and put torches near it. The green color is really bright…
On the next day he said to us you can have the plot back for 100k coins…

Now because we gave him our plot the main road got destroyed and he uses a lot of space in the middle of our city. At least if he would play the game I wouldn’t say anything, but he isn’t interested in Boundless. But this guy is coming nearly every day in our Playstation Voice Chat and asking about the coins. We don’t want to pay for such behavior.

Is there anything possible the Devs could do?


Hello :slight_smile: Sorry to hear that. There is in game report function so you can do your report there. It is the expected way. We got CoC recently and it’s outlined that this kind of thing won’t be resolved on forums.