Use cubits to speed up crafting

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I know we all like our precious cubits, but sometimes you just wanna speed up that 4 hour blink compacting process or get some building material finished crafting so you can get back to building.

I propose that we could spend some calculated value (based on crafting time) of cubits to speed up the process or to finish crafting!


Its not that much of a wait people get em crafting then go do something in game farm more build new projects the. It be built. Love cubits myself never spend on anything other than plots and cosmetics

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Same here actually, I was thinking the cubit value should be pretty low, but that might throw things out of wack with people being able to craft things so fast.

Maybe a craftable material that can be used to boost machines!


I think this will be seen as hugely P2W considering you can purchase cubits with real money. It allows you to pay to skip a large amount of grind that players would otherwise need to go through.

A craftable speeding up crafting sounds like an interesting idea. Perhaps some sort of applied buff to machines, whether it’s crafted or coin, etc.


I definitely see the problem with this. So maybe not cubits. I got an idea!

Coolant! A placeable liquid craftable from bitumen and petroleum (or something similar). When placed by machines, whether flowing through or around, it will speed up crafting times. :thinking:

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Why wouldn’t everybody do that then?

Only idea I have is to have your crafts go faster if you sit there repairing nonstop

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I would say it needs to be consumable, much like they added the combustion bonuses when you combine them with coal.

Maybe an additional slot in the machine where you can put some sort of consumable item that boosts production speed.


This would be the best solution I think. Cubits would be too much of p2w but an item to craft that can be put in the machine to speed craft times would be nice

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As long as it doesn’t go the way of oort amalgam…


As a developer myself I think if you really wanted this feature. Then it would be a pie or drink that speeds up crafting by a max of say 3% for the time the pie or drink lasts. I would also say a limit to the number you could consume each 24 hour period for balance.

But alas this is even a bad idea because then you would have players that had the means to make them and use them non stop. Furthermore ypu would have the issue of people selling them at unrealostic prices and having an edge over others who cant afford the prices and/or don’t have an excess of time to play for 20 hours a week to farm to make them for themselves.

I have played a lot of crafting & building games and by far the Boundless team has the best structure of farming to crafting ratio balance that I have seen in any other farming & crafting game.
@FlyingPenguin and @DKPuncherello are right it would just throw the balance of the game way off.

Balancing a game is one of the hardest concepts that any game comoany HAS to do and these fuys I beleive have offered a great balance including cubits you get em every time you level rather than getting a handful once or twice then can only buy them from there on out.

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Id rather see all crafting times reduced to 30 minutes or less across the board. At least then people are less likely to log off and play something else while they wait for a craft. If you’re going to have a crafting timer, and allow people to skip that timer by money or some optimization, why have a timer at all?


Aren’t power coils already doing this though? People use more power than needed to speed up crafting and reduce spark costs.


I hit the crafting snagg way to often, but do i learn from this?
Do i know what needs to be crafted?
Will i ever change my tune and craft before i run out?
probably not

Do i think i will bring change to this?
Do i think this needs an added speed up process?

Well as mentioned before power coils already reduce craft times, so why an extra reduction?

If i have to wait so be it ill do something else boundless. :wink:

Just my opinion.


What about just needing oil and increasing the wear of the machine?

Like we could cut the times 50% but the machine will wear double for being forced to work faster?

That would also increase the use of spanners which seems like a good thing to me.

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Oh man you guys are right, I didn’t even think of power coils! :duck:

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It makes me wonder, what is the point of crafting times? To slow the speed at which people build, therefore providing more space for newbies maybe?

I’ve wondered this too, especially some of them being so long. Surely It’s mostly going to put newer and regular players off as full time players will just build massive workshops to spread the crafting times across loads of machines.

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I think there are 2 group’s of people.

Those who feel pressured when the game mechanics move too fast and those who don’t.

I for example I’m happy with these timers, I can plan ahead and switch between activities while something is crafting.

And when I’m not willing to wait I just go a buy whatever I need I hardly ever have to wait for something to end crafting.


You wanna make something good, yous gots ta wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::tumbler_glass::sunglasses:


Have you tried compacting your 24 compactor coils into dense advanced compactor coils then refining them into warpdrive compactor coils?