Use for Petro and resin

Is there any other uses for it other than mulch? I know we have some Amber to help with our farms percentage but I wasn’t sure if there was another use for it other than the mulch

Petrolim is also used to create the High-Octane Cultivator. Other than that, both Petrolim and Primordial Resin uses are limited to affecting various farming yields (after being solidified into Bitumen and Amber, respectively).

Solidified liquids have deco uses too.

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As do the liquids. Who wouldn’t want a Petrolim waterfall in their dining room?

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Well, I have it in my machine room more like, but resin…

I just know it’s so high demand from exos. I enjoy collecting it :slight_smile: especially lately when you just hammer down from the surface deposit and usually get 3 or 4 before you hit lava or mantle :slight_smile: didn’t know of it’s worth stockpiling or selling