Usermade music for Oort?

So here is (the) another idea I had: What’s with music that players composed to be added to the core OST of the game? I know other games where user contributed songs that then were added to the game. Of cause we need to have some clues how the music of Oort will be themed so it may take a while till such will be possible and reasonable. But it is never to early to have an idea to be considered :wink:

How about beacon specific music? If you have ever been on animal crossing you will remember that at the town hall you could make a simple little tune for when the town bell randg, but then it also worked its way into other things in your town too. What if we had the option to create our own ambient music to fit our buildings, just a simple little tune. If done right it could completely change the mood of your city.


Rather than anyone dev or player making background music, other than natural ambience, we should just have it so you have to play an instrument and then join up with others for that great sound. Just my view on music since I’m the type to encourage players to seek each other out. Like maybe your exploring by yourself in the wilderness and you hear the faint sounds of drums beating in the distance. As you are drawn by curiosity you start to hear a flute and a lute as the drums become louder, and you see a faint light between the dense trees. And then as you meet the source of the sounds you see a small gathering of Oortians dancing and playing around the campfire.

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That’s a great idea.
That could make it even possible to be a musician ingame. You have an idea for a tune you want in your house but you are not skilled enough to play the instrument or you don’t have a band? Go to a known musician in your town and he will record the tune for you.

But making a music system is very difficult. Or at least it is if it should be skill based^^
So I’d say that would be a 2.0 feature.

we had the topic of instruments allready :wink: … I just want to discuss the idea how to ad Backgroundmusic into the game with lesser costs or efforts for the devs. Also, this forges a feeling of community when you know that the track you just listen to was made by a guy or gal you know in the forums :wink: For me a good and facett rich bgm ost is really important in games. If the music is bad, the game loses half of its flair, fun and atmosphere (at least so I feel if the music is flat, to reepeating or annoying). So this is how we can change that (without having to play the lute all the time :wink: )

Instruments are a good idea and may be really cool ingame, but talk about that in the fitting topic ( ) :wink:

Yea I know^^ It was just to say how your goal could be achieved without breaking the immersion :wink:
I wouldn’t be such a big fan of “just” making the music an uploading it into the game to be honest.

This idea is amazing, I would even pay extra for this feature.
Rammstein all day in my beacon then :smile:

For the uploading music directly there may be copyright issues. Could get complicated. Also, I wish fot Oort that it itself will have an excellent ost, so that I don’t need to want to listen to other music (the OST of GW1 hold me for three years before I used an mp3-player the first time next to the game :wink: ). I didn’t ment to just upload it, I thought about sending “Fan-music” to the devs, so that they can add it into the core game (so they also can check if there are copyright problems first). To have an integrated player would be nice as well, but then it should have different playlists for different biomes/worlds so that it has an advancement compared to the use of a standard player next to the game. If it is just a player, the feature would only be a waste of programming time.

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yea that sounds more to my liking^^ Could take some load off the devs.

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