“Vacation days” feature for portals

Ok so this started off in my head as a joke but I think it’s actually genius.

It’s a little crazy that you need to get someone to cover your portal fueling for you if you go away on vacation/holiday out of town for a week (or somewhere with bad internet etc). Like a job! So, introducing: vacation days!

For every 10 hours of playtime you get 1 hr of vacation time. (Ratio negotiable what do you guys think) Like at a job! Anti-idle requiring an input of any kind once per minute to prevent (or reduce) abuse. When you turn on vacation mode, if any of your portals hits empty, the system consumes one hour of vacation time and adds 1 hr of fuel to all/selected portals (I’ll leave it to the community to decide that one)

Could people use vacation time to save coin? Yes but ppl do that irl too, it’s their choice, but then they wouldn’t have it when they need it.


Lol sounds interesting. Or u could just give me perms cause I never go on vacation. Hehe

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What about allowing people to add (but not take) portal fuel to any portal that is already open?..

Similar to how some one can fuel a guild members beacon.


My question is…why take vacation when there is so much boundless to play? :laughing: lol I agree though. Don’t think should have to give perms to people if we want to take a vacation


Perhaps the vacation time should instead accrue based on the portal itself and how long it’s been continuously fueled? That seems to me to help balance the idea and also intuitively prioritize.


Family dragging you out the door by the ear when you really rather would stay home and play Boundless… :joy:

(Christmas trip to see family should be short enough for all the portals to be ok for me, whew :wink: )


Right? But isn’t it sad that this is one of my biggest worries after taking time off work and booking a flight? “Ok should I go 4 days or 5? Well if I go 4 I won’t have to get anyone to fuel my portals for me”


It was definitely a concern of mine with my summer trip, yep, haha. Part of why I suggested the “donate shards” thing for portals some time back, thought that might be one workaround, make it easier for others to fuel them… I definitely didn’t like that my big TNT portal would shut on everybody! :sweat_smile:


Always happy to cover for you if you’re on vacation paka :blush:


Thanks, appreciate it!! :smile:


I’d like to be able to fuel the largest portal for at the bare minimum of a month. If someone has the shards then why not. We should be making this game more enjoyable to play. Having to constantly refuel portals is not fun.

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So why have shards at all? What if an entirely different method was used to fuel portals? What if we had multiple options? Lots of networks pay coin to supplement their shard expenditures. What if we could set our portals to run off of coin directly out of our wallets, or the beacon control they reside in? This translates directly to portals being paid for by the footfall they generate, and the volume of traffic they receive. Popular networks become self sustaining without the demand of tracking refuel schedules and manually visiting a portal, and low traffic portals either continue to run on Oort, or expire when their coin bank runs out.

The daily activity chest that yields 100c daily just for playing acts to fill this functionality in this case. You could extend a portals duration beyond its Oort fuel expectancy by simply accumulating coin in the beacon the portal resides in, or deposit it manually.


I’ve never come across a player that likes fueling portals. I hate it lol.

@Havok40k I think it would be cool if they’d stay open or got a fuel boost of some sort that scaled with the traffic they get. I personally wouldn’t make any portals if they ran off coin, but if it was an option - I’m sure a lot of people would use that method. I can barely keep the guild buffs on lol

In all the games I can think of, where players can make portals, none of them require such maintenance. You keeel yourself obtaining the rare materials to make & open them, but once you do, they stay open.


Sure, it is an investment to you and I, but when I see networks putting millions of coin into Oort baskets, they are essentially paying coin for portal time. The difference is that when buying oort for coin, they are also paying world tax and spark/repairs costs to process that Oort, plus the time to process all the shards and manually fuel the portals. Depending on the time/coin ratio, they may even end up spending dramatically less by fueling with coin rather than Oort. Of course, if you have other plans for your coin (buff helix) then you simply use Oort like usual to fuel portals. In the end, you are just giving coin more use and making it possible to fuel portals with a variety of other revenue streams.


No doubt, if it would be useful for portal networks, it would be great for them to have that as an option. I agree, when it comes to portals, oort=coin.

If they do add coin as an option, could they also add another method - like a fuel cost discount or a boost, according to traffic/visitors?

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Wouldn’t footfall naturally accommodate that? You’re literally offsetting the operating cost every time it is used, on either side of the portal .

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Sorry but not on board with this. I get the link you are trying to make but feel this only puts more power into those that have footfall or easy coin and hurts those that cannot do that. Portals use Oort. Coin buys Oort. The system works.

But, since I am against the OP idea as well I’m not sure I would like any solution except the simple one – if people hate fueling portals - stop having portals to fuel. People cause their own pain in this area.

I am all for a better “permission” system to allow more friends or even players using the portal to opt-in some fuel. But not the other ideas so far.


4.5 days is pretty painful. It means any long weekend or 1 week vacation you need to get a fueler.

Oh come on haha that’s like saying don’t use the jump button. Lol.

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Coin and Oort are already synonymous, this just skips the transaction in the middle. Both resources are removed from the economy in the process, and there is a near zero net gain (the only difference being tax and refinement costs). This could be adjusted by making coin consumption rate slightly higher than Oort market value, of course… that would make it perfectly balanced, as all things should be. #Thanos


I fully understand and can completely empathize that it is painful. But that is the design - x blinksec costs x price. Change the design of the portal network and use smaller portals over more jumps.

No offense but this is just another example of “easy button” changes. People can use guilds or a variety of other things to keep those portals fueled. I just can’t get on board personally to change this type of game stuff because people choose to make portals this big. But I gave other options that I personally might support after some discussion…

You remove the free market and that is a big thing. You now have set the Devs with the responsibility to balance price and other things of that nature. Something they are already trying the hardest to stay away minus the chrysominter decision.

Once you start this trend people can use the same example for other things. Each system needs to run on its own components in my view.