Valhalla Yam Farm "Officially" open

Come here to farm 5k Waxy/ 2k Exotic yams an hour (Under speed potions).

We are located, at the Ultima Shedu hub, next to everyone’s favorite Shimmering Orb Farm.

We come complete with stocked Shovels/Regen Bombs supplies by Moonies, aka everyones favorite forger Larky!

We run on a Tier 6 world Shedu, to maximize drops (Difficulty Bonus) We are 100% safe, even for low level players and have room enough for multiple farmers at once. Simply grab a shovel, and break the mud!

Everything is free of charge, and funded solely to help the community. We only ask, that you regen bomb everything when done!


Only now open? Been using it for weeks, maybe a couple months?

5 stars from me. Worth farming here! And if you get bored of yams just pop next door and get some shimmys in aswell.


Lets get some exotic mud

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That is why the “Officially” is in quotes, complete with the needed tools, provided by Larky.

So this is the first real opening, in the hopes to draw more people and give them easy access to the tools needed at the standard price of Moonies.

But also, thanks.

Noms 'n More/Brews 'n Stuff could help you sell pies/brews there as well to go along the tools!

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Know their owners?

Is farming yams like this different from mining ore with the regen bombs? Because the mud drops the yams, it “technically” regens with the mud and doesn’t have the respawn timer?

I am my dear :slight_smile:

Different from ore. The yams have a chance to drop from mud so you can regen and farm as much as you want

No re-spawn timer, with yams.

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Cool idea @OdinsRavens

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Can say it’s a heck of a farm just spent a few mins there and walked away with a ton of yams and mud lol

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Glad it helped! That’s what it’s there for. Help raise the community up.


Restocked, and portals extended.

Just wanted to say thanks for doing this. I stocked up on exotic yams, just in time to get a ton of persisting pies from snow meteor drops :frowning: but that’s beside the point.

Also super conveniently located by Serenity’s Garden for shimmering orb farming.

You guys are a huge asset to this games community and I appreciate you.


Glad we can help! Thanks for the support!

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Gonna check this out as soon as I can!

The portal is closed :sob:

It closed last night, I was just about to walk through while it was open and bumped into solid conduits.

Took me a minute to work out what happened!

Been busy due to holidays. I will be back to fix the portals sometime this week.